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REVIEW: Memories Of Mars (PC)

Written by Kevin Lal
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“Men” are from Mars, oh wait...

The survival game is a strong area of the gaming industry, making it a genre hard to crack. But the developers at Limbic Entertainment are giving it a good shot. Interestingly they are also creating the 6th instalment in the Tropico series, making this development team one to watch. After clenching a partnership with 505 Games they are making the right moves.

This game is in Early Access, so my review is based on its current build.

Memories of Mars as the name states is based around the planet Mars, you are rudely awakened in an abandoned cloning facility by a robot spider hybrid combined with the systems shutting down. You do not have a lot of information to go on, but as most survival games it is all based around figuring out who you are and trying to survive. You must make your way out of the facility and can find some items along the way to begin your survival. Highly recommend finding the Mobile 3D Printer, as this is your basic tool for creating the items needed to survive.


Once you reach the door, you have three spawn locations to choose from to begin. I began at the east. A fair warning with this game, it is a large learning curve and grind to begin with. Just make sure to stick at it, as the game starts to show promise and potential with the effort you put into it.

For some it may be a negative, but you can not create your own character, you are handed a clone that you must use but are able to custom the colours of your Armor. I have not seen any information on if this will ever be implemented but they are a very active Developer so keep an eye on their future release notes.

Your character has certain stats you must be mindful of and these are:

* Oxygen

* Calories

* Stamina

* Health

Oxygen is vital, did you know that? Well of course you did. This can be replenished with Oxygen Cannisters you find in loot or you can locate Oxygen Outlets that are normally attached to a long pipe system, so if you see this follow it until you reach the outlet and it will refill your Oxygen to the full amount. Calories are kept at a good level by eating food such as Dry Rations and drinking items found or can be created at the printer with the right resources. Tied into the Calories is Health, as anything you eat, or drink replenishes your health overtime but to get best out of a health boost it to use Medkits which can also be found or created. The Stamina is self-explanatory and is just controlled by not overworking your character. So there is a difficult balance to begin with, as you start with nothing as most survival games and have to find a way that works best for you to continue.


There are three Skill Sets:

* Architect

* Technician

* Survivalist

They feature all the tools and items you need to create to survive on this harsh planet. To unlock them you will need to collect the in-game form of currency FLOPS. These can be found while looting and from looting enemies you have killed. These are very scarce making that growth train slow, but I have found with Memories of Mars it is best to go searching for the out buildings dotted around the landscape and looting the cannisters and cabinets you locate.

This brings you onto the resources required to build these items, such as Nitrate and Iron Ore. These are found on the ground or if you have created the mining tool you can collect them from larger rocks. All items that can be harvested have a glowing tint to them, giving you some help on the journey, for some time I had not realised you can collect Copper using the device on computers and screens in the out buildings.

An element brought to Memories of Mars I really enjoy, is that you can place your blueprints while building before adding the resources to the structure. This allows you to build the base and get a feel for the size and area before adding the resources to the structure. I genuinely loved this element, as in previous survival games you do not know the full extent of the placement until it is placed and then you waste materials.


The enemies in MOM, are relentless and slightly over powered. I found my self dying several times, but for some time you are given a pin point on your map to your body, so you can attempt recovery. But it is an online survival, so your other enemies are not just AI they are real. At this point in time, it

is only PVP on official servers, but the Developers have said they will be implementing PVE and custom servers in the future.

Memories of Mars is a beautiful looking game, they have made a barren planet as interesting as you can but not losing that space element. It is in space as the name suggests but there is no zero gravity. It is in early access, so I have come across a few bugs, the most noticeable is at times being shot through the walls by the enemies. But this will be fixed, as any game in this stage still has a lot to add and patch to make it grow. But as an Early Access this game is showing so much promise and is very enjoyable once you have skilled up and find death a less of an occurrence. For all you survival fans out there is is a must and as always, purchase it before full release to get a bargain price on such a great game with so much potential.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: 5th June 2018
  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: Limbic Entertainment GmbH
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Early Access, Adventure