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REVIEW: NBA 2K19 (Xbox One)

Written by Anarchyxrisen
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2K Games, Inc. is an American video game publisher based in Novato, California. The company and its 2K Sports division were founded in January 2005.

2K Games, a company that certainly excels at games with the likes of Mafia III, Xcom, Borderlands The Handsome Collection, WWE 2k Series, Spec-Ops: The line with many more in their lineup. All highly worth your time in my opinion. Now being honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve played an NBA game. Especially a 2K NBA game, though I have played countless WWE 2K Series and find them amazing. When I got word from the boss my new game was NBA 2K19 I was a little hesitant but glad so here it is.



Boom goes the dynamite with content indeed. There's plenty here to keep any one entertained for hours. The PLAY NOW tab is for the players who fancy a quickie. The fastest way to get on a court with a ball choosing from current, historic and all-time teams. NBA TODAY I found to be a neat idea here you can play real NBA games including up-to-date lineups, game plans including injuries (that is brilliant).

PLAY NOW ONLINE finding opponents is quick with little wait as it should as I’ve found there’s a lot of people out there enjoying this game and slaughtering me. 2KU is the tutorial for new players treated as a school which I chose not to attend BLACKTOP another great mode with smaller ball game ranging from 1vs1 up-to 5vs5 and lastly PLAY WITH FRIENDS I’m sure we all know what that means.

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The bread and butter, I personally think of any 2k sports game, is creating a custom character. This made me care about him even with his wingspan almost touching his knees. The story is engaging without spoilers with some celebrities playing certain people in your story. Levelling up is a little “grindy”. Sure, there's micro transactions to help, but I’m honestly not a fan of those. For now, I feel like if you don’t use them, you'll be grinding to get your coins up from performing well in the game with perfect passes shots etc etc.

The voice acting is spot on helped by the fact that most of the players are voiced by the actual player. This helps with the immersion of it all. Although your character, no matter what name/nickname you choose, you will be referred to by everyone as AI. The one gripe I had with the mode is at the start of the story, you’re playing in shanghai with every game only having Asian commentator's a lot of the time. I had no idea what they were saying or calling which became rather annoyingly irritating.


My Team involves packs of cards including different teams, players and coaches from all the teams combining them into the ultimate dream team while you unlock card packs with micro transactions or by completing weekly challenges in single player.

Game modes for single player include Triple Threat, Domination and Freestyle. After getting the hang of it, enter the multiplayer section competing against random's or whooping your friend's butt.

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This mode has its own little story mode which appears to carry over from 2K18, which if you haven't played, fear not. Before getting to far into it the game it will present you some options to choose, helping to set up the story so far... though I may have sent the LA LAKER'S bankrupt but hey, they deserve it. I'll be giving this another crack playing properly. If you’re feeling brave, take your league online with friends.


For the love of god go here first checking the difficulty isn’t on pro like mine was. I was almost convinced I was useless at this game barely getting baskets, wins & having the ball taken from me while being constantly thrashed every game. There’s heaps of options to choose from to customise your game. Though I stuck just to difficulty, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it technique.

Roster is free to mess around with or create your own with another personal favourite create a player or in my case, create a monster with arms down to their knees, distorted face's, tree trunk legs & spaghetti arms. Playing was always a blast. When you’re done, upload their DNA for others to download scarring/haunting their dreams. Feel like trying something else, create a pair of shoes yes you read that right, shoes! I spent a good 30-40 mins creating a pair of shoes. Also, the 2K music beats sadly with 50 songs. 5 I listened to and I muted the rest.

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The graphics blew me away. I love how precise they are with games nowadays the sweat the falling the crowd don’t feel stale or generic sure the crowd actions are repeated but not much to notice each action moves around not staying in the same area fans going through a range of motions instead of doing one motion only to repeat 10 seconds later. Cut scenes are brilliant one of those moments where I wish they went longer as I really enjoyed them. Controls are fairly simple to get a hold of if you're a returning player if not a quick run through of a tutorial and you'll be smashing it like Kobe without any trouble.


All in all, this game is brilliant. Lots to do keep any one entertained for ages, especially with NBA TODAY allowing you to play games as they happen. I find this an amazing pleasure to play and a pleasure to watch. I’ll be playing this some more in the coming weeks. My only gripes are the music and the Asian commentary. Subtitles would of been mint, new player or returning from last year you'll find plenty to entertain and challenge you.

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  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Genre: Sports