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REVIEW: Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Written by StacefaceMayhem
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True to the title, we are all not heroes. How often are we thrown into a game the hero, but when you look back on it you are like “well crap, I’ve killed A LOT of people” and in the case of Skyrim also a lot of innocent bears, deer, crabs and chickens. No witness shall be left behind. While not a direct call out to the political mess that is our world currently, it is definitely a satirical stab at the shoot now, ask questions later attitude in our unstable bureaucratic climate.

‘Not A Hero’ is a third person, pixelated shooter developed by the quaint, little, British Studio Roll7 and published by our quirky friends Devolver Digital, all the way back in 2015 for PC. New to Nintendo, this game shows all the signs of a typical Devolver game; blood, violence, swearing and guns, lots of guns.

What’s not to love about a human/rabbit hybrid from the future named BunnyLord gunning to be mayor of a gritty British city? The foul-mouthed BunnyLord and his posse of goons are looking to take over the streets, eliminating opposing criminal syndicates and muscling out all competition with any means possible. This deluded Bunny man has his goals to fulfil; his destiny to be mayor in order to save the world.

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Steve, our first gun for hire associate we can play as, must run, slide, melee and dive for cover through intense shootouts through different high-rise buildings and streets, very much like an 8-bit version of Judge Dredd. Now, initially I went in guns blazing like you would in ‘Hotline Miami’ another infamously famous Devolver title, but I soon learnt this was a big mistake. Contrast to its appearance the well-conceived, cover system is real important and I found slowing it down for more tactical use a better experience. Covering in and sliding in for the kill is so fluid especially when rewarded with a perfect execution kill. Running and gunning wasn’t really an option in this 2D side scroller, especially as more characters are unlocked with different unique skills as you progress through the levels.

Each level takes no time to complete if you are speed running through them, however they do each have three optional challenges ranging in difficulty. Depending if you are a completion-ish or not, missing these might not bug you as much as they did for I, and you may find yourself repeating levels often. This is good for game value and if they don’t bother you, you can happily ignore these and rush through the game in no time really.

Despite its gory, violent styling the 8-bit artwork is beautiful. The colours are bright and very loud, and surprisingly the gun play animations are full of detail. Whether it be the spray of blood or the gush of water as you shoot a near by fish tank, everything visually is just so interesting to look at while you play.

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Personally, I thought the music and voice acting was funny, and creative. Being from England the different British accents and attitudes were very stereotypical but also hilarious on the same page. In saying this, I could see why certain people may find them irritating very quickly. I wasn’t a huge fan of the music in each of the levels, finding it often typical of a retro title, unimaginative and dull.

Now, how did I prefer to play this game? While the game looked no different on the big T.V. to the handheld console mode, I actually preferred it in my hands despite it being crisp and vibrant on both screens, classic with a game not requiring much rendering. Most Switch games, I prefer to use the pro controller since I am predominantly an Xbox reviewer. In this case I preferred to use the joy-cons on the mini screen, it just felt more right.

Overall, I found ‘Not a Hero’ not normally the type of game I would enjoy, its actually quite bizarre, but oddly I went long periods playing it releasing my inner hitman. While a simple game, it was enjoyable using the effectively utilised cover and slide mechanics as you make the enemies eat a spray of bullets and other weapons for breakfast. While Not A Hero isn’t for everyone with its violence and unpolished humour, it is a decent game with levels that can be replayed repeatedly. Sadly, this tyrannical Bunny seems more influential than it appeared, having me not once questioning his motives... sound familiar.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, Android, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Devolver Digital, Roll7
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital, Team17 Digital Limited
  • Genre: Indie