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REVIEW: Sleep Tight (Nintendo Switch)

Written by StacefaceMayhem
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We all fear what lurks in the dark. I find our inner most demons and terrors run wild when we are sitting alone in bed. That my friends, is when our imagination starts making things up, and like this trailer suggests, if monsters aren’t real why does every child have the same story? In saying this could you imagine what it would have been like to have had unlimited resources at your disposal to combat these nightmares, at that age? I couldn’t imagine it either... until now.

Sleep Tight, produced by WE ARE FUZZY, is a gorgeous two stick shooter much like The Binding of Isaac, with the added tower defence genre combined. The aim of the game is to survive each night from waves of monsters who are on the attack and your job is to defend yourself like no child has done before.

The game works on periods of day and night. During the day you must build up your defences, spending your in-game currency of Suns and Stars to buy things like ammo, weapons and other perks. You can even utilise the ability to research which enables you to be able to equip your room with fortifications such as barriers and turrets. This time is unlimited with your Suns symbolising the day, with the night not beginning till every Sun is used to buy items.

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The night is where the action really begins. Your cute as hell, child character must mow down waves of different monsters with whatever weapon you decide to invest in and collect those Stars I was talking about earlier. As you progress each night (or in my case hold on by the luck and skin of my teeth), each wave of monsters become increasing more and difficult. Surviving certain nights will unlock up to 11 different kid characters each with their own perks and challenges.

It’s as simple as using the two sticks and a trigger to shoot your weapon of choice; ranging from spitfires, shotguns or even a gatling gun, but while the controls seem simple, one false move can be your downfall. While I found the game easy to master once you get a strategy that works for you, challenging yourself by using different characters or running and dodging outside the boundaries of your fort adds more spice and keeps it fresh. My only critique of this quite addictive gameplay is the fact is doesn’t have a multiplayer for friends to join in on that action, which is very peculiar for a title that Nintendo has picked up.

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Visually, this game is right out of a kid’s movie, with a very DreamWorks style of animation. While it is always hard to add detail to a top down game, the room is thriving with minute features that really makes the environment fun and entertaining to look at. When the round begins, and the sun goes down even that has the shadows of the moon cast across the floor as the monsters emerge from their lairs. I was really impressed with the quality. I only wished that there was more than one environment to play in, or even customised to each different character to switch it up a bit. Anyway, coupled with its comical quips from characters and whimsical music, it makes for a very endearing game.

Overall, Sleep Tight is solid, fun game with charming environments and loads of character. This strategy shooter is easy to get a grip of and that at times can be its downfall, since once you are cruising through it, it can become almost too easy. However, for its reasonable retail price and different characters you can try, this is one adorable game worth checking out.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: We Are Fuzzy
  • Genre: Action