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REVIEW: Sleep Tight (PC)

Written by Kevin Lal
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If you're a streamer, you will not be sleeping tight...

We Are Fuzzy are bringing a game to the table you did not know you needed, they are a new development company offering a great first title to the industry. I normally would research the Developers and Publishers to give you some information and history on them as a whole, but I could not find much information and their website is still under construction. That being said, I feel they are one to watch if this is the type of games they will release.

Sleep Tight is a twin stick style game, with fort defence building and upgrades galore. The object of the game is to survive the nights from all sorts of horrid beings and creatures. Between each level is your opportunity to build your defences, health and ammo up, and upgrade and unlock new skills. There is also the ability to unlock further characters.

sleep tight

Sleep Tight is fast paced, but feels at times frustrating when dying as you must start all over. One thing I did notice, which makes it feel a little more difficult is that monster spawns do not seem to have audio direction, forcing you to run around looking for those creatures missed. But is this intentional to add to difficulty or something that will be patched? As we know with a lot of games now, they grow while in release.

This being said, Sleep Tight is blowing up on the streaming platform Mixer, as it features MixPlay. This allows viewers to use their sparks to help you within the game or make surviving a lot more difficult by spawning in more creatures, turning out the lights, or if they are feeling generous health, ammo or a decoy teddy, but we all know how this will normally pan out. We live in the world of trolls. Adding a multiplayer element of sorts, but with a twist. Multiplayer as an addition would be great, surviving together would add more excitement and feel it would be something to add to give it more longevity.

sleep tight 4

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, with its cute but crisp graphics and awesome soundtrack, it blends together for an enjoyable and fun experience. If you listen closely you even hear a Hook reference. It is quite linear in a sense, but that is the style of the game, it's about surviving as many nights as possible. Try this game, and if you're a streamer it's a great addition to the chat and allowing viewers to be involved is always a plus with a comfortable price tag.

Without a multiplayer of sorts and gameplay that can feel repetitive at times it does fall short of a higher score for me, but don't let this deter you, as with the right people it can be a lot of fun to stream.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: We Are Fuzzy
  • Publisher: We Are Fuzzy
  • Genre: Strategy, Indie, Action