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REVIEW: SoulCalibur VI (Playstation 4)

Written by CR34MY CR4Y0N
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SoulCalibur VI ships with 20 characters, and if you own the season pass you’ll have the first DLC character right away. All characters are free to use right away, none of that sorry these characters are locked bullshit! Now, I won’t mention who these characters are, well except one! That being Geralt (Dude from the Witcher games) Each character has there own set of moves and some are stronger or in some cases quicker than others, and there’s a good mix of male/female characters.

Now playing offline, with either friends/family or just facing AI opponents is just as fun, maybe less stressful than playing online, and if that's what your into, Battle is where you want to go. Arcade mode, which is single player is where you’ll face one opponent after another, roughly 10 in total and Versus is where you'll fight AI or real people. Battle also has a training mode where you can learn how to play the game which is a must for new players.

SoulCalibur VI doesn't just have a story mode, it actually has two, each with their own style and story. The main story mode titled "Chronicles of Soul" is a proper main story full of cutscenes and you’ll battle as in-game characters and takes place from 1583AD - 1590AD. Now I mentioned the cutscenes, but there is even more such as conversations that take place between battles. There is a long main story option as well as individual character story’s to play. This was more my thing rather than the second story mode which is branded as Mission: Libra of Soul where you’ll only play as a created character of your choice. You’ll play as just one person the entire story, and this story starts with some tutorials, but you can skip those and start the actual story.

231643 screenshot 01 l
Playing through you’ll earn new weapons, and winning battles earns you player/style points as well as money to spend on food and upgrades. Eating food before battles can improve health recovery among many other helpful things that will give you an edge over any opponent 
you face. Before long you’ll have the option to explore areas around you, these will be marked on the world map with green and red icons. Just like Chronicles of Soul having worded conversations with pictures on screen as does this story, this is also a story where decisions can really change the story for either good or bad, blue are the good choices and red are bad.

Both stories offer a good length of content and I liked both but the Chronicles of Soul was my most enjoyed story.

So how are you at fighting games? Good I hope because these SoulCalibur players are no joke masters of the genre. You have two choices when playing a match online, either ranked or casual. The only true difference is ranked has a point system in place and casual is about creating or joining other players rooms to battle it out. They each have a range of settings from selecting the region, connection, language and character selection. When playing online you can save/watch replays as well as checking the rankings for both online modes.

My thoughts on multiplayer is if your good enough you’ll enjoy it, but inexperienced players will have a hard time winning. Now, I was playing prior to launch so there were only select times for online multiplayer, but even on launch day it was pretty slow finding matches but this will increase after launch.

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I played for many hours across everything from battling AI, and friends locally and others online and playing through the story modes and the game purred like a kitten, gameplay had no issue, just smooth motions even when the screen was going off the chain with the moves players were doing on screen. SoulCalibur VI does not show blood and there is some sleight nudity with mostly female characters wearing skimpy outfits showing a bit of ass.

Onto something both positive and possibly negative and that's the controls and difficulty choices. Firstly, fighting games have the tendencies of making controls complicated and that grinds my gears, I want to play a game and not have a hard time doing so. My online opponents are there to piss me off not the moves I’m attempting to pull off, well good news is SoulCalibur VI has a fairly simple control layout that I found to be the simplest in any fighting game I’ve played in a long time, and if you're not happy with the layouts you can change them. Now, difficulty is present when playing arcade of versus mode, but when it comes to both story modes it just doesn't exist.

So playing online earns you a particular reward being SP (Soul Points) and playing the Libra of Soul story mode earns you gold. Gold can only be spent in that mode, to spend the SP’s you get you’ll be able to buy items found in the games museum in the main menu.

Audio for SoulCalibur VI was something I haven’t got a lot to talk about, it was just good, from the sound of the hits you inflict or the hits you take from your opponent. Music heard throughout the game was decent too, there is a voice over guy heard but it's luckily minimal and never got annoying to constantly hear while battling, there is a choice of the language you hear either English or Japanese.

231643 screenshot 04 l

So how are the visuals? Well I was playing on a PS4 Pro and even after launch there hasn’t being an update to give the game support for the console, I could see on the Xbox store that the game does have support for the One X console, but what those enhancements are I couldn’t find any information on.

What I can say for certain is what I saw while playing, which was mixed being the good, the bad and the sort of ugly. Some characters are more worse for wear than others, when selecting a character in versus most have jaggy/shimmer around the edges and other parts of their attire, but this improved once the battles commenced.

Call me spoilt or someone who expects too much, I don’t care because we live in the age of consoles that push the limits more than base hardware and when there is the choice of giving players a higher resolution you kind of hope or expect it, but SoulCalibur VI does not, well not yet maybe. The PS4 Pro version could look a tad bit nicer even at 1440p but at the state it is now it’s not bad.

SoulCalibur VI was a fighting game with all the modes fans of the genre love and want, if it's single player story modes, online multiplayer or playing offline local modes it's all there, it's gameplay was solid and the minor visual issues that really aren’t all that bad had be playing for hours.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Wii U
  • Developer: Project Soul, Dimps, Bandai Namco Studios, Namco
  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Bandai
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Fighting