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REVIEW: Space Hulk Deathwing: Enhanced Edition (PS4)

Written by Brett Hale
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This game ain’t no spring chicken. Having been released on PC in 2016, it’s finally made its way to the PlayStation 4 but Xbox owners likely won’t ever see this game.

There have been other Space Hulk games in the past, all of which were turn based however, when it comes to Space Hulk Deathwing, it's no longer a turn based game. Instead it’s been transformed into a first-person shooter. This title also includes a multiplayer mode too.

I’m not familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 games but this is linked to those. Space Hulk Deathwing is both a single-player and multiplayer. You play as a Librarian of the dark angels, the dark angels are different from all others in the marine chapters. They are the first company and are made of only terminators. Not just anyone can wear these huge mech suits, they are only for those who earn the right to.


The antagonists are an aggressive alien species, in the likes of the Xenomorphs but not directly related. Their home is onboard a ship called the Space Hulk. Their origin isn’t known but they take over any population they’re near, so killing them is the mission. Note that main menu has another mode which are called special missions, I couldn’t fully understand this but it's playable alone at least.

This was my first time playing any Space Hulk game and even if I had played any of the others the change from turn based to FPS is a good enough reason to play through the tutorial. It’s a tutorial that’s its own option in the main menu and can be done at any time however, when starting the campaign for the first time, you’ll go through it. it's not long, it just does what all tutorials do and shows you what the game requires you to do.


You’ll also somewhat create your character. There are 6 classes, and you’ll be able to have different armor, weapons, perks and banners. Banners are useless and I wouldn’t bother buying these so much, your focus should be on the perks. Depending on the class of character you choose, it will make perks slightly different, some will be the same but not all. Perks can increase damage and fire power along with making hacking doorways easier. Armor can be purchased, and if your only buying specific ones because they look cool, I wouldn’t recommend that as you don’t see yourself anyway... remember it's a FPS. You’ll need to care more for the stats of armor instead. You don’t get these for free either, you’ll need to save up as you play the game, some are cheap whilst others come at a hefty price.

Playing this online, you can either host a game and get friends to join you, or you can join others on the PlayStation Network (As Long as it's online). You can also secure your hosted game with a password should you want to do that, but from all the scrolling I did in the server list, hardly anyone used a password. And if they did, they obviously didn’t want to play with strangers which I guess is the reason for a password. Playing online is 1-4 players.


So how does Space Hulk Deathwing look on the PlayStation 4? It’s neither good or bad. I personally played on a PS4Pro and sadly it didn’t seem to get any Pro support. The game without it ran pretty good if I’m being honest. Sure, it was a little jagged around the edges, but it's a dark game visually so it doesn't stand out as if it were set in a daytime setting.

Killing isn’t gory as I thought it might be even though blood is present. The environments you walk through can be open as well as confined. The HUD shows several useful things such as the health of your mech suit, minimap, ammo count and button prompts as well as a menu that you can make appear that you can heal yourself or choose AI to attack, defend or break down doors.

The characters you play as are in mech suits as are the AI followers or co-op players which create loud steel footsteps. You'll also hear gunfire and others walking around, even characters making sounds while communicating with others.

The version on PlayStation 4 is branded an enhanced edition giving full multiplayer progression, loot and class customizing options along with new weapons and skills. This is the first version on the PlayStation 4, but for those who already owned the game on PC will get the updated content in free updates.

Space Hulk Deathwing: Enhanced Edition is a decent game which is a solid FPS. It’s a game that you can instantly play with others or alone and is straightforward from the moment you start playing.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Platform: PS4, Steam
  • Age Rating: M
  • Developer: Streum On Studio
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive , Maximum Games
  • Genre: FPS