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REVIEW: Storm Boy: The Game (Xbox One)

Written by CR34MY CR4Y0N
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Growing up in Australia at one time or another as a child we all saw the film "Storm Boy" which was an adaptation to the book of the same name from award winning author Colin Thiele. Both i’ve seen and read and I was now able to experience it as a video game.

The tale of Storm Boy takes place on the beaches of South Australia not far from the Murray River, it’s focus is on a young boy and his rescued pet pelican named Mr. Percival. In the game at least, they’ll travel together all while interacting with each other in mini games.

Prior to reviewing Storm Boy: The Game it was listed on both the Xbox store and the Playstation store for $9 and I thought, I wonder how long this game will take to complete giving the low price tag and well it's less than 30 minutes. But for the short time playing the game I enjoyed the style and experience it gave me. Obtaining most achievements/trophies is ridiculously easy, some can be missed but I managed to get all in my first playthrough. There is one that can only be obtained after completing the game by going into the remember option in the main menu where you’ll replay all mini games and your 100% complete.

SB Beach

Storm Boy: The Game has no spoken words, the narrative is shown on screen for you to read. These words can be there and gone at the blink of an eye, and there isn’t an option to prolong there time on screen.

Storm Boy: The Game are a set of mini games for you to complete all while reading and following it's story. These mini games are very easy to do and include playing a game of fetch, drawing in the sand, flying as a pelican and controlling a small raft.

I loved the visual style for Storm Boy, it just popped with clarity while gliding across the water on a small raft was smooth. The transition from above to below water was another smooth transition. Under water you’ll see fish and other marine life and it's just a sight I wish was featured in more of the game. The game mainly takes place on the beach and it looks realistic, I should know as I’ve been to plenty of beaches in my lifetime. Other then wildlife, you'll come accross the odd person and loads of plantation. If you happen to be playing on Xbox One X you’ll get some enhancements, with the standout being 4K resolution that just pops out in a big way.

While I was shocked at the shortness of the game, I still enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen the 1974 film, or read the book it's a must. Hell! Playing this could be the foot inside the door to see the new 2018 adaptation film that's a modern version of the book.

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  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: iOS, Android, PS4, XBOX ONE, Steam, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Blowfish Studios
  • Publisher: Blowfish Studios
  • Genre: Indie