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REVIEW: Strange Brigade (Xbox One)

Written by Anarchyxrisen
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"Oh Rebellion games, how I love thee"

Rebellion Developments Limited is a British video game developer based in Oxford, England, known for excellent titles that include Sniper Elite Series, Zombie War Trilogy and Rogue Trooper. If you haven't played any of the Sniper Elites games; I highly suggest you do, X-Ray cam nut shots.....GLORIOUS. Same goes for Zombie Army Trilogy which is also brilliant, but it will make you rage in a good way.

Now, when the email came through from MKAU head office offering  Strange Brigade my eyes popped out my head like a goldfish.


When you boot up the game, you have the choice of 4 characters to play as; Nalangu Rushida the Way finder, Gracie Braithwaite the Engineer, Archimedes de Quincey the Scholar (preppy English guy) and Frank Fairburne the Soldier (kind of resembles Chris Pine). Each character has their own load out of weapon's and grenades that can be swapped in game at various weapon chests scattered around the map. The story sees our four heroes on a blimp receiving orders over an advanced radio. In the game, you or you're team (if your playing with others),find yourselves seeking a missing archaeologist looking for something they shouldn't be looking for and disappearing in the progress. This is where you assume the role of an adventurer in 1930s Egypt while also teaming up with three other players to fight against different mythological enemies such as mummies, giant scorpions and others. In between areas, cut scenes play out like a bad 60's sitcom which works extremely well with the game's theme.

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The first location you'll find yourself in is the Harbins dig site and the moment the game starts your hit with a vibrant of bright colours. The island is littered with ruin's, waterfalls, rope bridges and even parrots. Enemies and creature that are killed drop coins along with blue power orbs that fill up your special amulet ability. There's plenty to explore along with hidden secrets and chests to find. Health potions aren't scarce but at the same time not scattered around all over the place. This first section pretty much acts as a training area but after you get through it, this is where the poop starts to hit the fan. I wasn't ready for it but at the same time I was loving every minute of it. Thankfully there was a bit of time to catch my breath between each new enemy section, so between that and the cheakpoints, dying isn't that big a deal, sort of.

Dying with a health potion allows you to spawn from a number of coffins/sarcophagus around the map. If you have no health potions or hit a checkpoint; it's back to the start for you where you'll have to start again fighting your way back to where you died. I wanted to hate it but I couldn't, I was enjoying myself way too much. Progressing through levels is simple enough, take out the enemies by any means, gunfire, explosive barrels, jars of oil or several different traps that have a cool down after each use, though just long enough to destroy any stragglers before the next batch finds their way to you. Now, I won't mention what these traps are but they were very satisfying. The more I played, the more I was digging this game, and the levels aren't short either and roughly took me a good 50-60 mins, possibly longer if you're checking every path and cave for collectibles or hidden areas.

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OMG! This mode! I'm in love with it and made it to wave four. Each of the maps for the mode are from sections of the game. Areas are locked off with the option to open then by spending gold that you accumulate in the waves. Each area you can unlock ranges in price; making you question "is it worth it?" Do I want to upgrade my weapons or take what's behind the mystery door? I took the mystery door. I can see myself coming back to this mode over and over, especially with a squad of friends. The announcer from the campaign even carries over and does his commentary.

Main objective here is surviving; collect your gold and upgrade weapons, which I highly suggest you do. The maps I played aren't too large at first but do get bigger as you reach higher levels of horde and unlock doors. On my own I could only really reach wave 4 as it can start to feel a little cramped with enemies. There was one point in the game where I wasn't paying attention to the timer and I found myself trapped in a room, one way in one way out with the doorway becoming quickly blocked by all sorts of creatures. Here I am, in a cave with around 20 enemies ranging in different sizes making their way through the doorway to feast on my flesh. I had two choices, (a) be a bitch and give up or (b), give them hell and take as many with me as I could. My choice was (b). Goose bumps travelled over my body, as I gripped the controller tight I unleashed hell; bullets flying, amulet power whizzing around and grenades thrown, for those 3 seconds I was free... until realizing in my final stand of badassery I've unleashed a grenade in an enclosed space.

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Another great mode that's crazy fun. It's simple; kill all enemies as quick as you can, take out the boss and end it within the acquired time. You'll also have some nice little challenges you can complete such as; use so many bullets, get a kill with so many weapons, don't get hit (have fun with that) headshots or beat the par time. Now; whoever sets these times I salute you, much respect you beast. I didn't pass the time my first attempt, I barely stopped moving while shooting so I'll be back to give it another crack. I'm proud to announce I'm ranked #19 in global rankings, that is until the release which I'm sure I'll disappear from the top 10,000.


Rebellion's standard of graphics are usual top notch and Strange Brigade is no different. The controls are pretty straight forward and the only issue I had was the normal jump button which is a roll/dodge as climbing happens on its own whenever you're near a climbable surface. The controls are the typical set up and I picked up straight away. Analog sticks are for movement/steering, (LB) for throwing grenades, (RB) Melee attack, (B) to use your special amulet power, (Y) to swap weapons, (X) to reload, (A) to dodge roll, (LT) Aim which you can also set to click into the aim mode which was helpful, especially in score attack and horde mode and (RT) to use the amulet to absorb souls or break barriers locking the stage progression or unlock puzzles to hidden caverns.

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Multiplayer or co-op is easy enough to set up from the main screen. The multiplayer option takes you to the player select screen to decide on a character along with the option to play with friend or have it open to everyone. Your also able to set your lobby to private if you don't want random players joining and pressing RT brings up your friends list for quick invite to join. I managed to have a few matches with a one bar connection but didn't experience any lag experience, it was rather smooth. The only real issues I had was that gold isn't shared equally, what you find is what you get, which resulted in being removed from games. Besides that, the experience was great and I'm looking forward to getting a crew together.


In conclusion, my experience with this gem was a brilliant, satisfying overall enjoyable on. If this is the first you've heard about this game and you're looking for a fun yet challenging game, I highly recommend it. I enjoyed my time in this game even though my two issues were minor. That being, some guns didn't feel as powerful as they should against decayed corpses, as well as getting removed from co-op for collecting more gold. Any gamer into co-op type of game and are struggling to find a new game to play with mates, this is for you. 

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Rebellion Developments
  • Publisher: Rebellion Developments
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer, Action / Adventure