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REVIEW: The Crew 2 (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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Ubisoft and Ivory Tower have teamed up again, sure it’s been awhile since they last worked together on The Crew in 2014, a game that didn’t interest me to much. I only owned it due to Xbox giving it away for Game with Gold, but The Crew 2 is far superior and is so jam packed and isn’t just about car’s this time.

The story for The Crew 2 isn’t in a specific order, instead you’ll play any events you want as long as they're available. You’ll be a guy/girl that wants to be the best and your journey takes you across all of America in multiple disciplines.

So, anyone who buys this I hope you have an internet connection because even playing alone will require one. The Crew was all about cars, but The Crew 2 doesn’t just feature cars but also planes, boats and bikes which are all spread out in various types. Cars are for racing, dragging, off roading & monster trucking, and than there are the high end hypercars and touring cars. Bikes are both road and trail bikes, boats are power boats and jet sprints and there are a few different planes for aerobatics and air racing. It sounds like there are so many different types of events to do, which is true, but the way it's all set out it really isn’t anything but a great racing experience.

the crew 2 screen 06 ps4 us 13mar18

All events are broken into disciplines, 4 mains, 1 special and 1 each for skills and photo events. There's one other lot of events that’s called the LIVE Extreme Series that has 5 events which has races that include three different vehicle types per event and you’ll change from one to the other as you race. No matter the event there are only two difficulty options, normal and hard and to really have a chance at winning the vehicles you use must be higher than the perf level for normal or hard. To increase vehicle perf levels you'll need to upgrade parts for your car, boat, plane or bike. You’ll also earn loot which are part upgrades as well as cosmetic items for vehicles. These upgrades come in different colours, grey is stock, green is a common part, green is okay but it's the blue and pink upgrades you really need and want blue is rare and pink super rare, though you will get the blue and pink loots more often than you think. Both blue and pink parts have perks from more power or longer boosts etc. Note, changing parts can increase your perferred as well as decrease it.

There are 6 iconic locations that serve as the main parts where events take place, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and my personal favourite Las Vegas. The games map is quite large and there are two ways of getting around, either drive or fly to a location. Saving you even more time is fast tracking to a specific location from the events list on the map, though it really depends on the player on how you want to get around. Events aren’t all in the same places, some are in the heart of a city, others on closed circuits, boat races can be in open water or river like places.

the crew 2 screen 02 ps4 us 13mar18

Each vehicle has it's very own handling scale from either easy to difficult and even an easy handling bike can still be difficult to race so keep that in mind. The racing mechanics are fairly good, it isn’t even close to a racing sim, but I wouldn’t say it's much of an arcade game just perfectly in between both. The world can also be pretty destructible but then again don’t hit a tree, road guardrail or a parked car as you’ll stop dead but most of everything else is fine to crash through. Now, if you find yourself hitting something bad enough that your certain to lose the event so don’t you even think about hitting the rewind button because it doesn't exist.

Other drivers can send you into a wrong turn or into something like a tree but it's not just other drivers that can mess you up, weather can too, The Crew 2 has clear sunny days, fog, rain and even snow. Snow and rain can be the harshest conditions.

Buying cars, boats, planes and bikes are just a matter of having enough cash which is easily earnt from doing main events or doing the skill and photo events that are across all disciplines. All events will earn you loot, cash and followers and it's the followers that are the most important to reaching higher crew ranks. You’ll start as a rookie and move to famous than star and finally reaching icon. Once you hit icon you stay there but you’ll continue to level up and simply adding a number to your icon rank and there are well over 2000 icon levels. Once you reach icon status, you’ll earn points for every time you level up and those points can be spent on a special icon only level option in the pause screen.

the crew 2 screen 03 ps4 us 13mar18

Oh, and something cool to do is being able to transform from boat to car to plane at a press of a stick, and yes, if your plane is high in the sky and you transform into a car or boat and will drop out of the sky in spectacular fashion.

I have just two let downs about the game, the first being there are no waypoints. The only way to know which way to go is by the mini map. When it's a race that’s a circuit it's not difficult but when it comes to an open world race you’ll need to pay attention to the road and the mini map at the same time which can be tricky and may find yourself missing turns or crashing into other vehicles some of the time which can be critical. My second downer is the season pass for The Crew 2, it offers an extra home location, some exclusive outfits, three exclusive vehicles a VIP pass making vehicles 20% cheaper when buying them and lastly 7 day early access to the 22 vehicles that’ll be released over the coming duration of the game. Nothing really worth it in my eyes.

This had to be a good looking game as well as having solid racing. In my opinion, the first didn’t impress me and i'm a big fan of racing games, looking back at The Crew it was mediocre but at the same time it was only released a year after the launch of both PS4 and Xbox One. But great news, no matter if your playing on PS4 or Xbox One it's a major improvement visually, both base PS4 and Xbox One are the least good looking and performing both sit around 900p for resolution, the next best is PS4Pro which is 1500p but the best is without a doubt on Xbox One X which still isn’t 4K but still at 1800p it really looks phenomenal. It’s also running 60fps on most platforms but with some issues to do with not maintaining the 60fps on base hardware.

the crew 2 three step banner 01 ps4 us 13mar18
There are also many types of vehicles all which look amazing and realistic, and the open world looks pretty accurate too, boasting awesome locations like Las Vegas which in the day looks sweet, but the strip really lights up at night. As for the HUD, it’ll display your speedo/nitrous, level up bar and your minimap. The Crew 2 doesn't have a huge soundtrack with mostly tunes from rock n’ roll. The sounds of your tyres chirping from burnouts before doing a drag race, to general engines sounds all sound authentic.

You can if you want play the entire game alone, but single player isn’t for everyone, plus the fact this is a game that has The Crew in its title says it all doesn’t? You can put a crew together that can consist of 4 players including yourself and there is a max player count of 7 for the lobby. You can play events with your crew or just mess around in free roam.

The Crew 2 is one action packed racing game, the mix of not just having cars really paid off and I was hooked, seriously who wouldn’t enjoy driving around America in a monster truck? If like me you weren’t sold on the first game, rid yourself of that thought and go buy this right away it’s a purchase you won’t regret!

Happy hooning!!

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Ivory Tower
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Racing, Action