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REVIEW: The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (PC)

Written by Kevin Lal
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Elder Scrolls, the game with so much depth and lore now gets that little bit bigger.

Elder Scrolls Online has grown so much since its initial launch in 2014. For a title that's built within The Elder Scrolls universe you would feel it could do no wrong, but its initial introduction into the MMORPG genre was not a great one. Fans were unhappy about a lot of elements and additions to the title, but Zenimax took it all in their stride and listened. One big change was turning the game into a non-subscription-based format, as originally there was a monthly fee. This was a great move by the developers, as it started to grow a lot more in popularity after this change. You can still pay for a premium subscription, giving you extra added bonuses such as increase in progression, more bank space, access to all DLC and plenty more. The game itself is not free to access, just removal of the monthly fee. It was still a slow process but gradually grew and built alongside the fans requests and became what it is today.

The game itself is huge, even in the outset with the customizable character screen. You have the option of choosing your Sex, Alliance, Race and Class along with plenty of options available in each of these to choose from with full descriptions of each. Then you can create and edit your characters appearance, allowing you to tweak everything down to the finest details. What else could we expect from an Elder Scrolls title? There is so much to do and see in the game, because of this, it will take some time to get through as you approach the DLC Summerset. But for the avid fans out there, you should be ready for a new adventure. For the new players, you can still jump straight into Summerset Isle if you so wish as it does offer a tutorial to help you ease into the adventure.

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Summerset is set for release on the 5th June on consoles and with PC getting earlier access on 21st May. I always find expansions to MMORPG the most to get excited about, as with this style of game you give it so much of your time. You become accustomed to the environment and what you are planning to do with your session. Then, they announce an expansion meaning you get the thrill of exploring a game you are familiar with but with the added bonus of feeling like you are starting a new journey all over again. Most MMORPG fans love the excitement of exploring new areas, or I should think so.

With this release, you will not be let down. The last time fans got to visit this location was back in 1994 in The Elder Scrolls Arena. It is the home of the High Elves and is always mentioned in the story throughout its history. From the outset you are confronted with Razum-dar, looking into a conspiracy in which he needs your help. As by decree of the queen, the borders of Achipelago are opened to the rest of Amriel and welcoming in new races throughout the world. But things are not what they seem, as Razum-dar explains. With the typical racial tension, you get from Elder Scrolls, you are tasked to go around the town to ask peoples thoughts and investigate signs of conspiracy.

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The environment and landscape of Summerset is beautiful with lush green lands and tall fantasy style architecture to gaze at in awe. You will find me in one of many nooks and back alleys taking in its magnificence. Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most stunning looking MMO games available with well written and voiced story to accompany it. I have nothing but respect to the hard work put into a title of this magnitude. Also added is the ability to craft Jewels and join the Psijic Order with a new skill tree available to learn. More than anything, it feels like rather than add a lot more elements into the title like, in the previous DLC Morrowind, instead focus on a story and adventure-based additions. As a result, you're forced to explore the other regions available in Elder Scrolls, it even includes new trials and Dungeons, and how could you not in a new area? Summerset is jammed packed with plenty of side quests to push you off the main quest at hand and delve you deeper into Summerset Isle.

In its four years, Elder Scrolls Online has become a content-rich title, with so many things to do and explore. As stated before, it's an amazing feat how the landscape draws you in with its beauty and captivating you with a strong and lengthy story. Genuinely, I wish I had the time I once had as a teenager to really get to grips with such an in-depth game, but I cannot help but be amazed by it throughout my playtime.

I recommend any hardcore gamers out there, that want a game full of content and playability to give this game a chance. Even for the casual gamers, it doesn’t feel to daunting to return to after a long rest period. You do not feel as lost as you do with some MMORPG’s after a long break. That feeling, what was I doing, where did I need to go? Because Elder Scrolls is so story driven, I find it hard not to take it all in. Like a good book, you do not forget the story being told.

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  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Zenimax Online Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, MMORPG