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REVIEW: Victor Vran: Overkill Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Written by StacefaceMayhem
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I’ve said it before, RPG, dungeon crawlers are my bread and butter. Everyone has one RPG that is the key to their heart. Now while I am a connoisseur off multiple RPGs, my favourite top down one is hands down, the ‘Diablo’ series. It has everything that I consider essential to a good role playing game; customisation, a comprehensive but fluid inventory system, artistic ranged and melee attacks, levelled and interesting enemies, non-linear environments and a story that you can be invested in. But does Victor Vran, have these ingredients for a killer recipe of fun?

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition developed by Haemimont Games, isn’t a new hack and slash, RPG game having been released on steam in 2015 and Xbox and PlayStation in 2017. With the Nintendo Switch making huge headway in 2018, the Switch has ported this dark fantasy, role playing game to their collection as well.

NSwitchDS VictorVranOverkillEdition 01

You play as Victor Vran, demon hunter extraordinaire, tasked with eliminating the demon invasion in the medieval town of Zagoravia. In a time once past, the demons came, and the Demon Hunters rose to the call of the city. Unfortunately, not many returned, and the demons hailed this as a victory. Victor knows his friend Adrian is out there still, and under the Queen’s command must do his best to rid the demon presence all the while desperately scouting his lost comrade. Now while this isn’t the most imaginative plot, it has enough of those fantasy elements to keep a interest in where it progresses.

The gameplay requires you to manage items and alternate weapons to crush your enemies. As you crawl through dungeons and other dark environments you can use light and heavy attacks to smash through waves of different levelled enemies. Attacks will charge your ultimate weapon; your demon power and boy, is it satisfying when you drop it. Your demon essence is your elite defence but be careful and time it well as each attack has a cool down, very much like the Diablo. Two things I find that this game actually did better than Diablo is the ultimates and oddly the inclusion of a jump mechanic. Levelling up means you can have two ultimate demon powers, making fights insanely more interesting. Surprisingly, also the jump ability is more important than I first anticipated, getting me out of sticky situations when overwhelmingly outnumbered and helping me find secret areas and loot.

NSwitchDS VictorVranOverkillEdition 02

You begin the game bare. Your character has absolutely no skills, and as you progress you unlock slots to equip items. You customise your character with outfits with different passive skills, potions and bombs, ultimate powers and ranged and melee weapons hiding a range of different perks and attributes. As you annihilate swarms of enemies, and get into your groove, you will charge your overdrive meter, activating your suspiciously acquired demon powers which can be changed by allocating different cards, evening up the playing field. You can change these as you trawl through clearing the surroundings, as each area has 5 unique challenges to complete. You will want to strive to complete these as certain areas can’t be unlocked with levelling up or smashing out a number of these challenges. This is where the game enters that grindy sort of territory. I was ok with this being an avid paragon chaser in similar games, but some will find this slightly tedious.

Now Victor Vran: Overkill Edition comes with a single player campaign, 2 player local play and online with up to four players. The later, can be some concern if you aren’t the say level as certain areas may be locked to each other, thus making you down a player, or 2, or worst case, 3. On the Nintendo Switch currently it is a tad difficult to connect with people but you can eventually find other participants ... if you are patient.

NSwitchDS VictorVranOverkillEdition 03

While playing on the Switch, with the huge amounts of enemies on screen, I predicted framerates drops in docked mode. To my pleasant surprise I was wrong and it ran as slowly as it did in handheld mode. I also noticed that the visual performance was also of a high standard in both modes, the dull environments not losing detail and the bright accents continued to pop.

Now the Overkill Edition comes with the ability to switch worlds. These extra DLC stories add to the content value, as they do break up the grind with a new fresh environment. Speaking of which these three areas are so atmospheric. Whether it’s Zagoravia with its eerie, dark dungeons and morbid gardens, Motorhead, (yes, based on the actual band especially Lemmy) full of fire and brimstone or the twisted walls of the labyrinths of the Fractured Worlds (which is advised to not start till you are level 20) , each environment is oozing with atmospheric character.

NSwitchDS VictorVranOverkillEdition 04

Another thing that noticeably shines in this game surprisingly is the voice acting quality. Too often do I cringe at the voice overs of some games, it’s hard to get a solid balance between expression and over exaggeration, believe me I had reviewed a lot of Asian/English dubbed games. So my heart was all a flutter when Victor spoke for the first time, revealing a voice that was definitely recognisable. With none other than Doug Cockle, the voice of Geralt of Riveria main protagonist of another one of my most favourite RPG series, The Witcher, you will be hanging off every word. Each character interacting is so charismatic it is hard not to be invested, even if the story is a very typical, cliché monster trope.

This game is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I easily pumped a lot of hours into it. While it does borrow some elements from my beloved Diablo, it is in no way a complete carbon copy of it and gameplay is just as immersive and high intensity as most role-playing games. Victor Vran: Overkill Edition definitely knows what its audience wants and has delivered a fabulous hack and slash dungeon crawler, that to be honest I wish I had known about earlier...

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Haemimont Games
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Action / Adventure