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REVIEW: WWE 2K19 (Xbox One)

Written by Anarchyxrisen
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WWE 2K is a series of professional wrestling video games that are currently developed by Visual Concepts and Yuke's, and published by 2K Sports.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Sorry, but I felt like I had to do that. I'm back again with another review for MKAU gaming. When this game came up, nostalgia from my teen years came flooding back having spent countless hours on every SMACKDOWN and SMACKDOWN VS RAW games. Now lets jump into the yard, but first let me say I love the soundtrack an the depth of customisation.

The first option you're treated to here is to continue your MyCareer or play the AJ STYLES Million Dollar Tower challenge which is crazy good. I found out for pros, you have 15 opponents to beat in one run and health between matches does not regenerate. I repeat, does not regenerate! So if you get a can of whoop ass opened on you, you're in for a bad time. Now for added fun, lose one match an you have to start from the bottom an have to do it all again, so don't be like me an have defeat in your vocabulary... be PHENOMENAL.

Here is where you'll find more of 2K tower's some far more easier also here is the showcase that features the gifted Daniel Bryan. You play as him starting in the early days from first appearing on Smackdown. I loved this mode and I'm sure most WWE/WRESTLING FANS will as well. The other joy is being treated to video's of Daniel Bryan. The fan in me was lighting up as you can see the joy in his face as he trips down memory lane.

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This mode contains the usual match types where you can play against friends or AI (check difficulty first). Here you can set up one on one, two on two, triple threat, fatal fourway etc etc, handicap matches, tournaments and have your own ROYAL RUMBLE.

Oh the joy of this mode, making a weirdly obscure character that would honestly fit quite well in the WWE in this mode. You're a up and comer on the indendant circle, though I want to say what I played of it was fun which it was with the exception of getting to matches it felt more like a cut scene simulator though. As you playthrough each part you'll earn credits and exprience you need for unlocking moves, skills, clothing and characters. The skill tree is also rather in depth letting you customise it to set up the wrestler you want to be so I will be coming back to it I plan on being WWE champ at some point.

This mode, I'd say is kind of like the old GM mode minus buying superstars & negoitating contracts. Here you go through episodes of Raw, Smackdown, Nxt and live shows. Set rivalries change champions pretty much have control over everything which was fun putting the belts on my choice of wrestlers who i think deserve it.

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Oh man! I made a weird creation of purple hair, muscle on muscle, extremely veiny & scarred weirdo... it's a crazy the amount of depth. There is everything from colours & images down to the stitching of the shirt on your very back. You can give your creation moves pre set from someone on the roster or pick each move individually from a mass selection. Every wrestler needs an entrance with more pre set's to choose from. You can be your own mini director and if you still crave more hell, create your own championship or change design of a championship already on the circuit.

If you think you've made a good weirdo, upload him/her to the community of the internet and download theirs from previous interactions. Some are insanely good while others... well they are on the end of the scale between too far and why.

My god! This series just gets better and better! Where else can you join a 6 man tag match or fatal 4-way or no friends over team up an tag with them online hell you can even defend the title you created earlier. (warning if you lose the match you lose the title as well to whoever beat you) if you're proud of the title you made make a second. Connections were good with what I found, not many drop outs or lag issues unless its not the usual countries you find opponents.

I love this mode! You have full control over every superstar's statistics, change/break up teams, make any combination, change their attributes & personality traits. You can also change their finishes. Do you wanto to see John Cena blow kisses and dance as he enters the ring? You can do that too, it made my son & I laugh hysterically.

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I'm sure this part is pretty self explanatory. Customise the awesome soundtrack, change audio volume, read the gameplay manual, tutorials, match setting's and game balancing.

The graphics in-game are as good as you could hope for. The entrance's, crowds & even the wrestler's tattoos (for those that have them), are all magnificently detailed. Even Bayley has her wacky wavy inflatable tube men in her entrance whacking and waving around. The hair even reacts as they walk, run and thrown around also the longer the match goes the more they start to sweat. 2K does an amazing job. The controls are familiar if you're a previous player of the series however, if you're new, I'd suggest using the tutorials.

All in all, I extremely enjoyed my time with WWE 2K19 so much so, it'll stay on my hard drive until I've worked my way up to be champ. The music is great, the gameplay is great, the graphics are great, hair and sweat great! if I had to find something to pick at, it would be AJ Styles on the cover considering the women of the WWE have shown they can put on great matches, if not better. It would of been nice to add maybe Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair to the cover also, and on that note I'll leave you to it.

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  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, Mac, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Yuke's, Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Genre: Sports