2017 Christmas Gift Guide

Well it is the silly season again, the time for giving. This year again, we have some great ideas for the gamers and tech heads of the family... Check out our guide below.

For the gamers in the family, Sony and Microsoft have some pretty good offers going:


PlayStation 4 Pro - RRP AU$559.95PS4 7000 01 1509121908 preview
Supercharge your gaming with the PlayStation 4 Pro, with 4K gaming and entertainment. Play the latest games in amazing 4K clarity; skin tones become warmer, materials take on realistic text ures and environments come alive like never before. Unlock the biggest movies and TV shows in 4K resolu9on via NeWlix, YouTube, Stan and more on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

PS4 GTSPORT 01 previewLimited Edition Gran Turismo PlayStation 4 1TB - RRP AU$549.95
Coinciding with the release of Gran Turismo Sport, the limited edition PlayStation 4 console features an exclusive Gran Turismo Sport silver faceplate, emblazoned with the logo and a fully cust omised silver DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with the Gran Turismo Sport logo on the touchpad.

Xbox One X - RRP AU$649Xbox One X Console Controller White Background
For serious gamers hungry for the world’s most console, the Xbox One X delivers 40% more power than any other console for a truly immersive 4K gaming experience.

Xbox One S - RRP AU$299
The Xbox One S is the ultimate console for gaming and entertainment, supporting full 4K streaming and HDR gaming technology – perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

XboxOneS CnsleCntrllr Hrz FrntTlt TransBG RGBXbox One S Bundles - Starting From $329
Bundle and save, with a range of Xbox One S bundles. Xbox One S bundles include: Xbox One S console, Xbox Wireless Controller, 1 month Game Pass trial, 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial and select Xbox game.


Gran Turismo Sport - RRP AU$79.95PS4 GTSport 2D PackShot NORATING WIP 1500390979 preview
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - RRP AU$54.95
Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - RRP AU$29.95
Knack 2 - RRP AU$54.95
PlayLink - That's You! - RRP AU$24.95

Forza Motosport 7 - RRP AU$99.95
Super Lucky's Tale - RRP AU$49.95
Disneyland Adventures - RRP AU$39.95
Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure - RRP AU$39.95


PSVR 01 1458056837 1490044018 previewPlayStation VR - RRP AU$549.95
Powered by PlayStation 4, Australia’s number one selling home console, PlayStation VR is a virtual reality system that takes console gaming to the next level. You’ll be at the centre of the game and living every detail of extraordinary new worlds with the immersive VR headset.

Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers - RRP AU$799
Escape into a world of imagination with Windows Mixed Reality. Set up your virtual home with great content—travel, sports, culture, live concerts, and games—in 10 minutes or less. All you need is a headset and a compatible Windows PC.
HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers - RRP AU$799
Escape into a world of imagination with Windows Mixed Reality. Set up your virtual home with great content—travel, sports, culture, live concerts, and games—in 10 minutes or less. All you need is a headset and a compatible Windows PC.


MSSurface Z BB Hinge RGB FY18 1000x563Microsoft Surface Book 2 - starting from RRP AU$2,199
Introducing the most powerful Surface ever. Power professional-grade software all day with the latest quad-core Intel processors and the best graphics performance yet. Surface Book 2 is the ultimate powerhouse.

Microsoft Surface Laptop - starting from RRP AU$1,499
Surface Laptop brings the perfect balance of portability and performance. Lightweight to fit easily in your bag, Surface Laptop provides all-day battery life and a powerful Intel Core processor. Clean and elegant, Surface Laptop complements your style with a choice of four rich tone-on-tone colour combinations – Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold.
MSSurface MKT 003 RGB
Microsoft Surface Pro - starting from RRP AU$1,199
Better than ever, the new Surface Pro gives you a best-in-class laptop, plus the versatility of a studio and tablet. The stunning PixelSense Display supports Surface Pen and touch, while up to 13.5 hours of battery life gives you plenty of juice to work all day and play all night.

Microsoft Surface Studio - starting from RRP AU$4,699
Transform your desk into a studio, with Surface Studio – designed for the creative process. Its roomy and adjustable 28-inch PixelSense Display provides a huge canvas for all kinds of work. Position it upright to sketch, paint, and edit photos, or lay it flat to draw on it like a drafting table.


002 DSC 7704Nokia 3310 3G - RRP AU$89.95
The Nokia 3310 in 3G boasts an incredible 6.5-hour talk-time, up to 27 days of standby time and features a customisable user interface and a fresh, colourful, modern design. The original brick phone is back!

Nokia 8 - RRP AU$899Nokia 8 Polished Copper 1
Nokia’s flagship device is the perfect companion for the aspiring Instagrammer or streamer. Unlock the power of the #Bothie with the Nokia 8, which simultaneously harnesses both the front and rear cameras in a split screen visual for both photos and videos. Livestream in real-time to social feeds such as Facebook and YouTube.

Nokia 6 - RRP AU$399
This device, like its brothers, will stay secure and up to date with regular software updates. Paired with a 5.5” full-HD display, it's perfect for those who love streaming live sports or Netflix with Nokia 6’s dual speakers providing pure, immersive entertainment.

HMD Nokia 5 SilverNokia 5 - RRP AU$329
Clean craftsmanship and latest Android capabilities make this the perfect phone for work, travel and play.

Nokia 3 - RRP AU$249
Capture all the moments

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Nokia 3310 3G Coming to Australia Mid October

MKAU attended today the Nokia launch event for the new 3310 3G that is making it's way to Australia next month. It will retail for a wallet-happy $89.95. The 3310 goes back to its roots from Nokia's heyday. It is a sleek little phone that will allow you to make and receive calls and texts (and MMS) and do some basic interweb stuff. While the 3310 has been available overseas for a little while now, it is currently only in 2G form, something that will no longer work on Australian soil due to the 2G network shutdown.

IMG 06261

The 3310 will suit those wanting a less-is-more appraoch to a mobile phone or even a "going out" phone so you don't need to worry so much about damaging or losing your current $1200 smartphone. It would also be a great security blanket for your kids for sleep-overs too. 

IMG 06331

It comes with a whole host of features such as a 2mp camera, colour screen, alphanumeric keypad, headphone jack and a new and improved snake game!! Oh and a battery life that will shame the current-gen smartphones... Everything you need in a phone :) I have got one of these lovely little phones, and while millenials will most likely NOT appreciate its simplicity, there is certainly a market gap that will fit the 3310 nicely. 

IMG 06301

I personally like the phone, and while it won't replace my iPhone 7 Plus, it will certainly have its place beside it when the time comes.

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