BenQ Australia Announces New ZOWIE e-Sports Monitor

benq zowie xl2411p esports gaming monitor
BenQ Australia today announce the new BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P monitor for e-Sports.

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P provides the features of the classic XL2411 Monitor and adds a Display Port connection for enhanced connectivity to support newer graphic cards. Colour Vibrance has also been added to the XL2411P, allowing colour to be fine-tuned to suit your personal preference. The XL2411P also maintains Black eQualizer and Height Adjustment capabilities that are standard for any BenQ ZOWIE XL Series Monitor.

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P is particularly beneficial to players of First Person Shooters (FPS) and MOBA Titles that can maintain a steady 120-150 frames-per-second refresh rate. Players of FPS Games will benefit most from XL2411P’s Black eQualizer technology, which optimizes visibility in dark areas, without overexposing bright areas, and MOBA players will benefit most from XL2411P’s 144Hz High Refresh Rate, providing a smooth and clear experience in-game.

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P will be available with selected BenQ Resellers by the end of October.

For more information on the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P in Australia, please keep an eye on the XL2411P’s product page on the BenQ Australia website hereBenQ Australia website here.

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BenQ EX3200R Is The Latest 144Hz Curved Monitor With 1800R Curvature & AMD FreeSync Technology

EX3200R FrontICON
BenQ Australia is proud to announce the EX3200R Curved Monitor. The EX3200R uses a 31.5” VA Panel, giving users deeper blacks and an impressive colour gamut, and with an 1800R curvature, provides a more immersive experience for all forms of entertainment.

The BenQ EX3200R Curved display caters to movie enthusiasts and gamer’s seeking an immersive gaming experience. Cinema Mode on the EX3200R automatically fine-tunes the colour settings in video footage, delivering vibrant, lifelike visuals on the screen. With the EX3200R’s Video Format Support, users can adjust the video format support at 1080p between 24, 25 and 30 frames per second to truly display the video content as the director intended, and without distorting playback of the source video.

With the BenQ EX3200R sporting a High 144Hz Refresh Rate, combined with the impressive colour gamut of the VA panel, users can seamlessly enjoy movies and games in great detail. The BenQ EX3200R comes with AMD Freesync technology to reduce image tearing and choppiness for effortlessly smooth gameplay.

The BenQ EX3200R comes with the core Eye Care features that are standard across the entire product range. BenQ’s Flicker-free technology eliminated flickering at all brightness levels for a comfortable viewing experience. Low Blue Light Technology in the EX3200R is designed to filter out harmful blue light effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation.

Now shipping, BenQ’s EX3200R is available from most official BenQ partners.

For more information on the BenQ EX3200R, visit

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BenQ ZOWIE Announces New XL2540 24.5in PC eSports Monitor With Native 240Hz Refresh Rate

BenQ Zowie XL2540 E Sports Monitor 000
ZOWIE, the premium eSports brand by BenQ is proud to announce the new XL2540 eSports Monitor for PC. Designed for PC gaming, the XL2540 eSports monitor is designed to enhance the competitive gaming experience by introducing BenQ ZOWIE’s first native 240Hz Monitor.

From its inception, ZOWIE has been dedicated to the development of e-Sports equipment to enable competitive gamers to play to the best of their abilities. As the latest addition to the XL series for PC e-Sports, the XL2540 introduces increased smoothness in-game and its native 240Hz refresh rate can be fully activated to deliver different levels of gameplay experience when the computer generates over 240 frames per second (fps).

The XL2540 shares the same quality features that remain the core of the ZOWIE brand, such as Black eQualizer, which helps to brighten dark areas in game without overexposing the light areas. The BenQ ZOWIE XL Series has been adopted by most professional FPS eSports tournaments and players worldwide.

For more information on the XL2540, check out the product’s page on the official ZOWIE website. 

The new XL2540 will be available from most official ZOWIE partners from early December.

For updates on product availability, be sure to stay tuned to the retailers’ webpages as well as our own Facebook ( ) and Twitter ( ) profiles.

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BenQ ZOWIE Announces Special Edition of EC Series

2017 03 16 00002
BenQ ZOWIE announces a special limited edition of the ZOWIE EC Series in glossy white coating today, offering gamers a different feeling from the standard edition.

ZOWIE EC1-A White and EC2-A White are special glossy editions of the EC series. They are designed for gamers that prefer the grip and the feeling that the glossy surface provides. The white colour was selected to prevent the sweat and finger print marks from being easily noticeable after use.

EC1-A White and EC2-A White will be available in limited quantities at selected stores worldwide. Please stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on their availability.

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BenQ ZOWIE Announces XL2546 240Hz Esports Monitor with Dynamic Accuracy

XL2546 Regular Front right45BenQ Australia are proud to announce the newest addition to our premium ZOWIE Esports monitor lineup, the BenQ ZOWIE XL2546. Combining the increased smoothness of the BenQ ZOWIE’s 240Hz technology with our exclusive Dynamic Accuracy, or DyAc Technology, the XL2546 serves as our most premium tournament grade monitor to offer the smoothest and clearest gameplay in competitive FPS Esports.

The ZOWIE XL Series is driven by its excellence and dedication in the Esports markets, backed by its core technologies that are designed for esports, and have come an industry standard expected at the highest level of competitive gaming. Since its release late in 2016, the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 240Hz monitor has become the monitor of choice for Major Esports tournaments such as ESL Pro League Season 5, ESL ONE Cologne, PGL, DreamHack Open Series and other competitive FPS tournaments.

The new XL2546 has the same increased smoothness that was introduced in the XL2540 with the addition of our exclusive Dynamic Accuracy Technology. First introduced in the XL2735, Dynamic Accuracy allows players to see enemies and objects more clearly while in motion, combining the visual clarity of standing still, with the competitive advantage of being in movement. Actions with vigorous screen movement, such as flick shots, one taps and the tracking of enemies on screen will benefit most from our DyAc technology.

The XL2546 with Dynamic Accuracy will makes its tournament debut in Australia at the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND ANZ Qualifier Finals series at ESL Studios in Sydney on September 9th, so be sure to come by the live finals and experience the difference of the XL2546 for yourself.

For more information on the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND tournament series, including where to buy tickets for the live event at ESL Studios, check out the Eventbrite page here.

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BenQ ZOWIE Celeritas II Keyboard for e-Sports Officially Released

2017 09 01 00015
BenQ ZOWIE are proud to officially announce the release of the ZOWIE Celeritas II optical keyboard for e-Sports in stores today. The ZOWIE Celeritas II is the newest in the series of BenQ ZOWIE e-Sports peripherals, alongside our lineup of ZOWIE mice, mousepads, cable management device and audio device.

The ZOWIE Celeritas II creates an optimal and precise keystroke pre-travel distance, which is the distance the key has to travel before an action is performed. A High quality iron spring inside the Celeritas II allows for each keystroke to be executed with a consistent amount of force throughout while also improving durability to meet the high standard required in eSports.

The ZOWIE Celeritas II also features optical switches, designed and tested by professional eSports players to ensure the most durable, reliable and consistent click feeling for players in every competitive title. The use of optical switches effectively eliminates the potential for performance degradation due to the wear of mechanical components, ensuring improved durability to meet the competitive standard expected by professional gamers.

Beneath its sleek exterior and optical key switches, individual red LED backlights vibrantly illuminate each key. These LED backlights can be brightened and softened, or turned off completely, using a dedicated hotkey combination on the keyboard. This allows for a more comfortable experience whether you are playing at home with the lights off or in a tournament setting or LAN event. The ZOWIE Celeritas II is 100% driverless, allowing for easy setup of your keyboard, and eliminating the need for external software so that you can get into your game sooner.

The ZOWIE Celeritas II will be available to try for yourself at the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND ANZ LAN Finals at ESL Studios in Sydney on September 9th. The BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND ANZ LAN Finals is a ticketed event, so if you have not yet picked one up, you can do so here.

The ZOWIE Celeritas II is available now at selected Australian retailers.

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Top Eight Teams Confirmed for BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND ANZ Closed Qualifiers

2017 07 27 00040
Following the conclusion of the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND ANZ Open Qualifiers series over this past weekend, our final eight teams have officially been decided.

Riotous Raccoons, AVANT GARDE, Team Noxide and Team KiD have secured their place in the ANZ Closed Qualifiers series on August 5th and 6th to face off against Tainted Minds, Athletico, Kings Gaming Club and Legacy for a place in our Offline Finals.

Riotous Raccoons and AVANT GARDE both had incredibly strong showings from both ends of the Upper bracket of this double elimination series, taking wins off the likes of ty krasava, Dedset, unfrag and Paragon OCE to coast their way into the Closed Qualifiers. Remarkably, Team Noxide and Team KiD both qualified after falling into the Lower bracket after their round 1 match-ups.

The eXTREMESLAND tournament series is a competitive CSGO tournament held in Shanghai, China, hosting the top 16 teams from 14 major regions in the Asia Pacific Region. These top teams will compete for their share in a $100,000 USD prize pool.

The BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND ANZ Qualifier is being conducted by BenQ ZOWIE in partnership with ESL Australia, with the winner of the ANZ Offline Final being offered the position to represent Australia in the eXTREMESLAND tournament series in Shanghai.

The upcoming Closed Qualifiers of the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND will begin on August 5th, and will be livestreamed on Twitch via the ESL_CSGO Twitch channel during the course of the event.

For more information on the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND ANZ Qualifier series, please visit the BenQ ZOWIE local events page hereBenQ ZOWIE local events page here

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ZOWIE BenQ Launching The World's First Native 240Hz PC e-Sports Monitor

2017 02 02 00009Towards the end of 2016, BenQ first announced their new e-Sports monitors, the XL2540 and XL2735, providing additional means for fulfilment of the individual gaming experience. BenQ ZOWIE are excited to officially launch the XL2540 at the product’s official Launch Event, to be held in Sydney this February.

The launch event will highlight BenQ ZOWIE’s latest addition to their XL series - the new 24.5” FHD PC e-Sports monitor, the XL2540. The XL2540 is the first Monitor on the market to introduce the native 240Hz refresh rate, delivering a whole new level to the gameplay experience, facilitating the ability to render over 240 frames per second (FPS), and providing experienced smoothness in-game.

Another highlight is the XL2735 - a 27” WQHD PC e-Sports monitor crafted with exclusive Dynamic AccuracyTM Technology that is designed to maintain remarkable clarity and provide a smoother gameplay experience during in-game movement at 144Hz.

Both the XL2540 and XL2735 come with the detachable ZOWIE Shield that is designed to minimize distractions behind the monitor and an LCD frame that is specially designed to reduce light reflection from the screen to ensure the better gaming experience.

The XL2540 and XL2735 also share the same quality features that remain the core of the ZOWIE eSports brand; Black eQualizer, which increases visibility in dark areas, without overexposing the bright areas. The S Switch, which grants players easy access to the monitor settings and also allows for one touch switching between saved modes. Improvements to the S Switch now include built-in memory to transport your saved settings between compatible monitors. Color Vibrance offers flexibility to decide colour performance with 20 steps of vibrance. The Height Adjustable Stand can easily adjust the height of the monitor to the player’s preferred viewing angle and maximising the player’s comfort.

BenQ ZOWIE’s XL series features the premiere monitors for PC e-Sports, and has been adopted worldwide by most professional e-Sports tournaments and players. With your persistence to win, backed by the exclusive features of the XL series, you will be armed to compete in first-person shooters at the highest level.

BenQ ZOWIE also offers a select range of peripherals from Mice & Mousepad, to Audio System to Cable Management Device, all of which will be on display at the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 Launch Event. Combining the core competences of BenQ and ZOWIE, BenQ ZOWIE strives to provide innovations that truly enhance player performance and enjoyment across the entire product range.

BenQ ZOWIE’s newest XL2540 and XL2735 are available now at selected resellers and are priced at $699 & $899 respectively. For more information on BenQ ZOWIE line of products visit 

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