Visit Robot Circus At PAX Aus To Try Ticket To Earth On Android & AR

2017 10 10 00001
The startlingly original tactical-puzzle-RPG Ticket to Earth is making its Australian debut on Android touch devices at PAX!

Made in Melbourne, Australia by indie studio Robot Circus, the award-winning Ticket to Earth launched on iOS earlier this year and later on PC and Mac. All the while, Android fans have been asking us when they would get to enjoy its mix of battlefield tactics, tile-matching puzzles, and story-driven RPG.

The answer: really soon! Ahead of its launch in early November, you will able to get your hands on the Android version of the game at the Robot Circus booth in the PAX Rising area. Come and try out the game that Alice Clarke of the Herald Sun called “an indie Aussie gem” and Steven "Bajo" O'Donnell of ABC’s Spawn Point described as “seriously tasty strategy”.

The booth crew will also be giving demos of their prototype augmented reality (AR) functionality for iOS 11 devices, which is going to be a free add-on to the base game. This revolutionary technology will bring Ticket to Earth into the real world in a way you’ve never seen before.