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Children Of The Sun (PC) – Review

“Children of the Sun” is a bizarre type of shooter game; it’s not particularly heavy on the fast-paced, action-heavy side of the shooter genre. Instead, it’s about thinking like a sniper. Created by developer, René Rother, and published by Devolver Digital, “Children of the Sun” encourages players to scope out


Goblin Stone (Steam) – Review

From California-based indie studio, Orc Chop Games comes the turn-based RPG ‘Goblin Stone’. MKAU has been lucky enough to try out this title ahead of its March 12th, 2024, release on all platforms. I love a good RPG, and you can tell Goblin Stone has been a great passion project


Dicefolk (Steam) – Review

Welcome to the world of ‘Dicefolk’, where dice rolling is the key to success. This fantastic game was developed by LEAP Game Studios and Tiny Ghoul and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. Let the rolls guide your path. With humanity on the verge of destruction due to the evil sorcerer,


Solium Infernum (Steam) – Review

Venture with me to the depths of Hell as we strive to conquer the desolate landscape and rule the underworld with blood, cruelty, and schemes. ‘Solium Infernum’ is a turn-based, grand strategy game, developed and produced by League of Geeks, a Melbourne-based game company, and also the creator of a


Mines And Magic (Steam) – Review

Mines and Magic is a tower defence auto-battler with a resource economy-focused game style. It was developed and produced by Zolden Games and initially released in 2018, but before that, it was a game mode in Starcraft II. Apparently. I never played it. Mines and Magic is currently in early


Godzilla Voxel Wars (Steam) – Review

Godzilla Voxel Wars is a new single-player turned-based strategy game created by Nukenin LLC and published by TOHO Games, and it’s now available on Steam and Epic Game Store. The game is played from a bird’s-eye view, as if from an unseen child’s perspective, and they’re playing with some small

Solium Infernum (Hands-On) – Preview

Venture with me to the depths of Hell as we strive to conquer the desolate landscape and rule the underworld with blood, cruelty, and schemes. Solium Infernum is a turn-based grand strategy game, developed and produced by League of Geeks, a Melbourne-based game company, and creators of a little game


Graviators (Steam) – Review

Developed by Couch in the Woods Interactive, GRAVIATORS is a fast-paced team arena game set in space. Compete against or with friends and AI in these pinball-like arenas using space pods equipped with special gravity and shield abilities. Right off the bat, I will say GRAVIATORS is a lot better


Cantata (Steam) – Review

After a long early access, Cantata, by the fledgling studio Afterschool, alongside publisher Modern Wolf, is ready to be deployed. Cantata is a turn-based tactics adventure, or as Afterschool aptly terms it, a “Grand Strategy Game” – which transports players into a world of militia-building, expansion, logistics, and resource management.


Jagged Alliance 3 – Review

Having bounced back and forth between countless publishers and developers since as early as 2004, Jagged Alliance 3 is finally released, with credit going to Publisher, THQ Nordic, and developer, Haemimont Games. As with most games that struggle to land a consistent team able to work together at length to


Homeseek – Review

‘Homeseek’ is a post-apocalyptic survival strategy game created by Traptics and published by The Iterative Collective. In Homeseek, the world has been destroyed by overpopulation, exploitation of the environment, and disregard for natural resources such as water, which is now worth more than gold. It is up to the player


Park Beyond (PC) – Review

Limbic Entertainment and BANDAI NAMCO have teamed up to bring us Park Beyond, a fun-filled rollercoaster theme-park creation simulator. Let your imagination and creative juices free and build your dream theme park, filling it with custom rollercoasters while taking in some beautiful environments and listening to the excited shouts of


Shardpunk: Verminfall – Review

Polish developers, Clockwork Pile, and publisher, Retrovibe, have brought the developer’s first game to life, “Shardpunk: Verminfall,” a turn-based tactical RPG with survival and resource management built into the game. You will need to decide everything from battle tactics to which one of your troops is taking the last Medkit.


Rough Justice: ’84 – Review

It’s 1984 and I feel like I’m in the middle of Miami Vice with corrupt police and crime running rampant in Seneca City. Every move you make could be your last as you try and build a Private Secret Agency with Hank. Detective Jim Baylor was falsely imprisoned, but once

Park Beyond – Hands-On Preview

‘Park Beyond’ is an up-and-coming promising theme park simulator and management game by Limbic Entertainment. Due for release 16th of June, 2023, MKAU got to have a hands-on preview of what’s to come and the future looks exciting. You are but a lowly designer, doodling and inventing mechanical feats only


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