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RandoMine – Preview

The heroes of this story are about to be made Demigods! How else would you celebrate by having a massive night on the ales at the local tavern? Unfortunately, these soon-to-be Demigods drink the tavern out of all available liquor. A rumor goes around that the innkeeper has some super-secret


Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PC) – Review

Sackboy: A Big Adventure has finally arrived on PC! The port of the 2020 released PlayStation title comes with new graphical upgrades, the same great content, and additional in-game goodies. Sumo Digital’s spin-off based on Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet takes worlds from a 2.5D platformer to 3D, and many


Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars – Review

‘Asterigos: Curse of the Stars’ is an action-adventure RPG, developed by Acme Gamestudio and published by tinyBuild. Taking inspiration from both Greek and Roman mythologies, from buildings, and creatures, to clothing and armor; instantly you can see these themes in everything. Now, I don’t know if this is what they


Splatter Zombiecalypse Now – Review

‘Splatter Zombiecalypse Now’ is a retro-style, top-down shooter by Untold Tales and Dreamworlds. You play as an unnamed survivor, shooting your way through hordes of zombies in an apocalyptic wasteland in search of answers. In the oversaturated zombie genre, it was refreshing to see a less generic approach to the


The Fridge Is Red – Review

‘The Fridge is Red’ is a collection of six psychological horror episodes and is developed by 5Word Team and published by tinyBuild. We start the game by opening a red fridge, with what seems to be two containers. These two containers are the stories that we’re able to play. Both


Hypercharge: Unboxed – Review

I don’t care how old you are, YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO PLAY WITH ACTION FIGURES OR TOYS! Let me paint you a picture to aid in reminiscing on the old days. You’ve set up a massive battle between the green army men who have teamed up with transformers

Gunbrella – Preview

Gunbrella. Is it a gun, or is it an umbrella? Well, it’s both, and the best of both. With the unstoppable power of a gun and the protection of an umbrella, you too can wield this unique weapon in the latest game from developers Doinksoft and publishers Devolver Digital, bringing


Broken Pieces – Review

Finally, there is another game to be excited about, unless you are a single genre player that’s not interested in puzzles, mysteries, and complex storytelling. For those who are, you have come to the right place. This new and very first game by Elseware Experience, a studio consisting of only


In Retrospect – Review

Are you ready to dive into your memories and tell us about your life in retrospect? Time to craft your own story and gameplay based on the decisions you make and the collectibles you collect. What direction will your life take? In Retrospect, developed by Paper Salamander Games, is definitely

Stick It To The Stickman – Preview

I remember a long time ago when I used to play stickman mini-games and watch a plethora of stickman animated videos with intense fighting and gunfights, and I always was fond of playing those games. Well, in Stick it to the Stickman, I found those intense and highly enjoyable memories

Batora: Lost Haven – Preview

Stormind Games have brought us their latest title, Batora: Lost Haven, an interplanetary action RPG game where you play as a young female by the name of Avril. You have the choice to harness the ancient power of the Sun & Moon, and you choose how to take the story


Cult Of The Lamb – Review

Have you ever wanted to start a cult? Well, in ‘Cult of the Lamb’ you get to do just that! From Developers, Massive Monster, and publishers Devolver Digital, Cult of the Lamb is the single-player, action-adventure cult simulator you have been waiting for. Destroy your enemies, sacrifice your worshippers or


MultiVersus (Open Beta) – Review

Since 1999, Nintendo has been the pioneer of 2D platform fighting games with the legendary Super Smash Bros series. Many other franchises have attempted to make their own crossover game using the same gameplay style, such as PlayStation, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and more, but none have come close to the


Retreat To Enen – Review

In the year 3600CE, nothing is left. Earth has returned to the peaceful natural realm it once was. With all of its conflicts and past afflictions, the human race was driven to the brink of extinction, and the Earth was almost lost forever. The only things left from the old


The Tarnishing Of Juxtia – Review

Developed by Actual Nerds, The Tarnishing of Juxtia is a challenging Souls-inspired 2D action RPG set in a dark fantasy world with a sinister narrative. As the final creation of the Goddess, Juxtia, travel through what is left of the two divine kingdoms, overrun by the Tarnishing. Battle through a


SENSEs: Midnight – Review

‘SENSEs: Midnight’ is a 3D horror game by SUZAKU Games and is inspired by some of the survival horror classics such as ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Fatal Frame’. You play as college student, Uesugi Kaho, a member of an occult research club who is dared to investigate a supernatural occurrence. She


Bail Or Jail – Review

Konami Studios brings you their latest title with Bail or Jail. This is an extreme game of tag that finishes in 3 minutes. The human’s objective is to escape the monsters and keep themselves out of the holding cell, whilst it’s the monster’s job to put them there. Bail or

Rollerdrome – Hands On Preview

Rollerdrome, developed by Roll7, is a third-person action shooter that combines high octane and visceral combat with the fluid movement and trick mechanics of rollerblading, creating a whole new original adrenaline-pumping shooter experience like no other. The year is 2030. In a world where corporations rule and the lines between


Loopmancer – Review

Discover, kill, die, repeat. Like many a loop-style game before it, Loopmancer takes the core gameplay of games like Death Loop and 12 Minutes and throws them into a blender with a side-scrolling world and a few scoops of death and destruction. Developed by eBrain Studio and published by eBrain


Hell Pages – Review

Developed by Medusa Head and originally released on PC in 2021, the horror-themed 2D arcade-style scrolling shooter indie game, Hell Pages, blasts its way to Nintendo Switch, this time published by EastAsiaSoft. While it didn’t find much success on PC, perhaps its port to the Switch will help it gain


XEL – Review

XEL is an isometric action-adventure game by Tiny Roar, with a focus on puzzles and exploration. The game centres around Reid, who has crash-landed in an unknown location with no memory, and upon waking, is joined by a small robot that requests she finds XEL. The robot, Chap, accompanies her


Beyond The Wire – Review

Beyond the Wire takes players back to World War I in this Multiplayer FPS Shooter, setting players up for intense warfare that will take you over the top figuratively. Published by Offworld Industries, with titles like the massively popular Squad and Post Scriptum, and Developer Redstone Interactive, it brings players


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