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Metro Simulator 2 (Xbox Series X) – Review

Trains can be cool, I guess. I mean, who doesn’t love the antics of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’? Everything I first learnt about trains was from that show, and now I can extend that knowledge with’ Metro Simulator 2’ developed and published by KishMish Games. You can read our previously


WWE 2K24 (Xbox Series X) – Review

Visual Concepts and 2K Studios are back again with this year’s addition to the WWE 2K series,. It’s the most action-packed title to date, and with an incredible amount of WWE history, WWE fans won’t be disappointed. There are always new additions to the WWE 2K games, and this year’s


Airhead (Xbox Series X) – Review

Development teams, Octato and Massive Miniteam have brought a new puzzle-riddled, 2.5D adventure game which if you are anything like me will have you scratching your head figuring out what is next to work out. In an interconnected world, you must explore, evolve, and ensure you are keeping full attention


Food Truck Simulator (Xbox Series X) – Review

Poland-based development team, Drago Entertainment, is back with another addicting title that once you start playing will look back at the clock and hours have passed. Drago Entertainment has dropped some other epic simulator titles such as the famed; ‘Gas Station Simulator’ and ‘Farming Simulator’ which are both again addicting


Phantom Abyss (Steam) – Review

I never considered a cursed temple filled with traps an excellent place to find oneself. Phantom Abyss proves that despite this, exploring trap-filled chambers makes for a pretty good video game. Team WIBY and the champs at Devolver Digital set a platforming challenge that takes relic hunting to the next


Gray Dawn (Xbox Series X) – Review

Gray Dawn is a psychological thriller infused with religious elements and combines story-driven quests with an artistic experience that is played in a first-person point of view. Gray Dawn is made and published by Interactive Stone and has been available on Steam since 2018, and has just now been made


Prison City (Xbox Series X) – Review

You would think the goal would be to break out of prison. Nope! Let’s break in! It is a city, after all. Without further ado, I welcome you to Prison City, co-developed by Retroware and Programancer, and Published by Retroware. Let the enemy-filled parkour zones sweep you away. Where to


Kona II: Brume (Xbox Series X) – Review

On this Journey, I bring you Kona II: Brume, reviewed on the Xbox Series X, developed by Parabole and published by Ravenscourt Games, carrying investigation, exploration, and survival to the forefront and providing a picturesque atmosphere with danger and adventure. You play Detective Carl Faubert, called in to investigate a

EA SPORTS UFC 5 (Hands-Off) – Preview

EA Sports is back with its fifth installment into the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) series and MKAU was recently invited to an exclusive virtual preview event for the new game, and needless to say, UFC fans are in for an absolute treat. UFC 5 has been completely rebuilt to take


RIDE 5 (Xbox Series X) – Review

The team at Milestone S.R.L are back again for their fifth installment of the Ride series with RIDE 5. The last title was released back in October 2020, and it’s come a long way since 2015 when RIDE was first released. This is the biggest title to date, with 270


Moving Out 2 (Xbox Series X|S) – Review

In 2020, the original ‘Moving Out’ was released, turning players into removalists known professionally as F.A.R.T. (Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technician), to work solo or with friends to remove furniture from various homes and load them onto the truck, in a quick and not so efficient manner. It created hours


Broforce Forever (Xbox Series X) – Review

‘Broforce Forever’ is the long-awaited free update to 2015’s ‘Broforce’, the most patriotic game ever made by Devolver Digital and Freelives. Broforce is a love letter to action movies by having an action pack roster of characters from a span of classic movies. This means you and your friends will


GORD (Xbox Series X) – Review

‘GORD’, developed by Covenant. Dev and published by Team17, inspired by Slavic lore is a top-down, strategy game that really kicks you in the guts as you lead a village of people to success or their impending death. As you reign over Lysatian in the ‘Tribe of the Dawn’ you


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