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Children Of The Sun (PC) – Review

“Children of the Sun” is a bizarre type of shooter game; it’s not particularly heavy on the fast-paced, action-heavy side of the shooter genre. Instead, it’s about thinking like a sniper. Created by developer, René Rother, and published by Devolver Digital, “Children of the Sun” encourages players to scope out


Pepper Grinder (Steam) – Review

‘Pepper Grinder’ has finally arrived on Switch and PC after much anticipation on my part. I’m keen to finally drill down to the core of what makes Pepper Grinder such an addictive time. Devs, Arh Ech, and publisher Devolver Digital have brought out a treasure of a 2D side-scrolling platformer


Winter Survival (Steam) – Review

‘Winter Survival’ is an open-world, survival crafting game developed and published by DRAGO Entertainment with HeartBeat Games. As the name suggests the aim is to survive in the frozen wilderness, escape from predators, find or build shelter, and try not to lose your mind. Your primary goal is to survive


The Outlast Trials (Steam) – Review

From Canadian studio, Red Barrels comes the anticipated release of the third instalment in the ‘Outlast’ series, ‘The Outlast Trials’. Initially released in May 2023, into Early Access, MKAU were lucky enough to be given access to the full release build of the game ahead of its March 5th official


The Thaumaturge (Steam) – Review

I enjoy good story-driven RPGs, especially ones with solid exploration, impactful dialogue choices, and intricate turn-based combat. ‘The Thaumaturge’, by Fool’s Theory, published by 11 Bit Studios, sets out to achieve exactly that. It’s an RPG about facing inner demons and seeking greater truths. I spent a decent chunk of


Shadowkin (Steam) – Review

Having always seen indie games as an essential building block of the gaming industry, I take particular interest in solo dev projects. This week I’ve been fortunate enough to check out the latest title from The Fox Knocks. Embrace your inner furry and come with me as I dive into


Dicefolk (Steam) – Review

Welcome to the world of ‘Dicefolk’, where dice rolling is the key to success. This fantastic game was developed by LEAP Game Studios and Tiny Ghoul and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. Let the rolls guide your path. With humanity on the verge of destruction due to the evil sorcerer,


Solium Infernum (Steam) – Review

Venture with me to the depths of Hell as we strive to conquer the desolate landscape and rule the underworld with blood, cruelty, and schemes. ‘Solium Infernum’ is a turn-based, grand strategy game, developed and produced by League of Geeks, a Melbourne-based game company, and also the creator of a


Graven (Steam) – Review

After almost three years of early access being moulded and sculpted, the full release of GRAVEN is finally here. Come with me, loyal brothers and sisters as we delve deeper into the dark fantasy world, developed by Slipgate Ironworks and published by 3D Realms, and Fulqrum Publishing. You are a


BMX Gravel (Steam) – Review

Imaginings Software is on the scene with its first PC release, ‘BMX Gravel’. BMW Gravel is a side-scrolling, psychics-based, obstacle course game where you need to ride your BMX bike through 5 stages and make sure you don’t run out of lives stacking it or you will be starting from

Pepper Grinder (DEMO) – Preview

Pepper Grinder is a game about drilling, but it isn’t a mining game or a sim; it’s 2D Side-Scrolling Platforming at its best. I had the chance to revisit the island after my previous outing in August 2023 of the upcoming title from Ahr Ech and publisher Devolver Digital, which


Farsiders (Steam) – Review

Farsiders, developed and published by Thai studio Gambitghost Games, is a hack-and-slash top-down RPG. Available on all platforms, this indie title was created on the Unity Engine on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign and initially released in February 2023. Set in 2060 in a world that has been


Your Journey Of Survival (Steam) – Review

The Colorado-based, development team, Smartly Gophered Games, is back with another title a little different from their previous titles which were based around vehicles. Their latest title “Your Journey of Survival” is an open-world survival game set in the year 2400 where you awaken with nothing but the view of


Computer Repair Shop (Steam) – Review

Sometimes when I go into a game with certain expectations of what it is going to be like, I’m left so completely dumbfounded by the absolute journey the title has put me through when I put it down for the first time. “Computer Repair Shop,” developed and published by Turkish


Phantom Abyss (Steam) – Review

I never considered a cursed temple filled with traps an excellent place to find oneself. Phantom Abyss proves that despite this, exploring trap-filled chambers makes for a pretty good video game. Team WIBY and the champs at Devolver Digital set a platforming challenge that takes relic hunting to the next


LASERS (Steam) – Review

Have you ever wanted to throw your monitor across the room? Well, fear not; LASERS has you covered. This Title was Developed and published by Straight Back Games. Now let us get into it, and Dodge some lasers. Usually, I would now start talking about the plot. Still, the game


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