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KarmaZoo (Steam) – Review

A few months ago, MKAU Gaming was invited to take part in the KarmaZoo hands-on preview, which you can read here, where I was able to play a few rounds with other media outlets as well as some of the development team from Pastagames, including Nadim Haddad, who I was


Sentry City (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Published by Flynns Arcade and developed by Crashable Studios, Sentry City is a cyberpunk-themed, 2D platforming, shoot ’em-up indie game that encourages speedrunning. It was originally released on PC and Android devices in 2022, and it’s now available on Nintendo Switch. The unnamed protagonist must traverse the city, blasting his


Up Or Lava! (Steam) – Review

Up or Lava! is a new indie game by Garden of Dreams, and it’s a parkour platformer game that has some deadly elements waiting for you. As you parkour your way up an obstacle course, there is a countdown to when lava will rise and will continue to rise to


Flutter Away (Nintendo Switch) – Review

I have a fascination with creatures big and small especially when they are in their own environment living their best lives. ‘Flutter Away’ by Runaway Play is an endearing indie title that captures that inquisitive and serene nature in its own calming experience. You play as a lone explorer, deep


Bloodhound (PC) – Review

Developed and published by Kruger and Flint Productions, Bloodhound is what is born from a clear love for old-school first-person shooters. Upon seeing the trailer for Bloodhound, I immediately picked up nostalgic vibes of the original Doom. Bloodhound did not disappoint, it not only brought back memories of Doom, but


Pikmin 4 – Review

Pikmin 4 has finally landed on Nintendo Switch, bringing with it the beloved creatures of the iconic Nintendo game series. The ever-charming real-time strategy puzzle game takes the classic from way back in 2001 on the ancient relic, the Gamecube, and brings the classic formula into the modern age. Prepare


Jagged Alliance 3 – Review

Having bounced back and forth between countless publishers and developers since as early as 2004, Jagged Alliance 3 is finally released, with credit going to Publisher, THQ Nordic, and developer, Haemimont Games. As with most games that struggle to land a consistent team able to work together at length to


Unholy – Review

Developed by Duality Games, Unholy is an unsettling horror adventure set in two parallel worlds. Explore both reality and a dark unholy world to unveil the mysterious disappearance of your child, all while finding clues, solving puzzles, and deciding whether to sneak or take on brutal enemies as you stand


Exoprimal – Review

Developed by Capcom, Exoprimal is an online, team-based action game that will challenge you in new ways. Pitted against waves of fearsome dinosaurs, it’s all up to you and your brave teammates to fend off this outbreak and fight for victory. The year is 2040, and a new crisis engulfs


Testament: The Order Of High Human – Review

Developed and published by Fairyship Games, Testament: The Order of High Human is an action-adventure game set in the fantasy world of Tessara. Blended with a mix of RPG and Metroidvania elements, you’ll experience various game mechanics, from first-person combat using physical combos and magic to navigating and platforming through


Forever Skies (Early Access) – Review

Forever Skies is a first-person, post-apocalyptic survival game set in a future Earth no longer habitable by humans, forcing people to leave the planet or live atop skyscrapers to conduct research. Forever Skies was developed and produced by Far From Home, a Polish game studio newly established in 2020, and


Death From Above (Early Access) – Review

Developed by Rockodile, ‘Death From Above’ is an arcade-style, drone sim set during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Your objective is to take control of your drone and give back the freedom and safety of the Ukrainian people. You are tasked with taking down military personnel and their operations using


Sonic Origins Plus – Review

Since 1991, everyone’s favourite hedgehog has been rolling around at the speed of sound across SEGA’s entire console history, all the way to modern consoles. Taking over for Alex Kidd, Sonic has been the face of SEGA and a pop culture icon for over 30 years. His early games made


Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE – Review

Nintendo Switch has been my home for alternative games, and the brand-new title from Tookyo Games and Spike Chunsoft fits that category beautifully. Master Detective Archive: Rain Code is a modern-day supernatural mystery game that puts your deductive skills to the test in some outlandish and unique ways. This single-player

Deceit 2 – Preview

Deceit is back with the up-and-coming Deceit 2, and everyone is getting ready to deceive their friends. Gear up with up to 8 other players, and either try to survive or kill the people you’re trapped with. Can you get through the Game Master’s games and live to tell the


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