About us

Here is our story. It all began in 2011 when..

…MKAU Gaming was born to life as a Mortal Kombat fansite (mortalkombat.com.au). This was around the time Australians would miss out on Mortal Kombat 9 as we did not then have an R18+ games rating in Oz. This was our way of protesting the MK9 ban in Oz. There was just 2 of us then. Approx 1 year later, we moved away from just MK content and branched out. This is when MKAU was officially born. We wanted to keep our Mortal Kombat roots in our new branding which is why we are now MKAU Gaming.

Changing our name and web content allowed us to build a bigger and more informative website, but also allowed us to forge new relationships with different publishers here and overseas. MKAU had now moved from the hobby of two gamers, to a business and serious gaming site. Over time, we became bigger and better with our website having too many facelifts to count. Our team has continued to grow throughout the years & these guys and girls work their gaming butts off for the love of it all!

We all like to keep it light and entertaining and aim to be the best at what we do without compromising our enjoyment that gaming has to offer. 2019 marks our 8 year anniversary and we hope you enjoy using our site as much as we enjoyed creating it!

From everybody here at MKAU, Thank you for your continued support and be sure to keep on gaming 🙂



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