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New Class Introduced To Diablo Immortal – Welcome The Tempest

New Class Introduced To Diablo Immortal – Welcome The Tempest
Weather the storm in Diablo Immortal with the Tempest—the eighth class making its way into Sanctuary! Starting 24 May, players can make waves through Sanctuary with this dynamic new class. TALES FROM THE MIST  The Tempests wander Sanctuary as exiles from the storm-torn, misty Cold Isles resting north of the western continent beyond Ivgorod. This class is made of deeply devoted warrior-priests chosen from among the pure of heart, raised to protect their people from doom and trained in blade-dancing, wavewalking, and seafaring. Players can look forward to the Tempest’s unique skill set and put it to the test in a class-tailored quest, designed to teach the wisdom of the empress Ksathra. For more information on the Tempest, check out the 2.5D cinematic trailer below and blog here.

Diablo Immortal Dark Rebirth Update Coming 22 September AEST

Diablo Immortal Dark Rebirth Update Coming 22 September AEST
In Blizzard’s latest blog, they introduced the next major update, Dark Rebirth, coming on 22 September AEST. Strange dreams and disappearances plague the township of Wortham. Explore dark and iconic locations in the Diablo Universe with Tristram Cathedral, a familiar dungeon filled with new horrific challenges. Plus, you can experience a new take on team based PvP multiplayer in Alley of Blood. Check out the details below! DARK REBIRTH UPDATE Revisit iconic locations in the Diablo universe with the Mad King’s manor and the brand new Tristram Cathedral Dungeon where you will face off against The Butcher and a new malicious enemy. Alley of Blood is an all-new team based, single-lane PvP activity where Shadow Clans can prove themselves in the Shadow War and clash against Immortals for bonuses in the new Vigil of Blades component of Cycle of Strife. Work together to overpower the opposing team, demolish their Sentry Towers, and bring ruin ...

All-New Class Arrives In Diablo Immortal – Introducing The Blood Knight – Available Now

All-New Class Arrives In Diablo Immortal – Introducing The Blood Knight – Available Now
Diablo Immortal’s newest class, the Blood Knight, is available to play today! The seventh class is available exclusively to Diablo Immortal, bringing the monster that lurks behind the shadows into the light to save Sanctuary yet again. All Blood Knights are trained in an ancient spearfighting style mastered by their order in Gea Kul. Possessing an ethereal connection to other Blood Knights, they must remain resilient and fight the inner darkness with a specific ritual to retain their power and continue to fight the forces that threaten Sanctuary. “We’re so excited to be introducing the Blood Knight to Sanctuary,” said executive producer Peiwen Yao. “This vampiric class wields dynamic, hybrid melee prowess, allowing players to choose between aggressive physical attacks, harnessing blood magic, or something in between! We’re all looking forward to seeing what players can do with this new skill kit.” “The first year of Diablo Immortal set the standard for ...

Diablo Immortal Turns One with Monster-Packed Update

Diablo Immortal Turns One with Monster-Packed Update
The journey in Diablo Immortal continues as Sanctuary gets new updates with the latest expansion, including the brand new zone with its own questline, higher Hell difficulties, a new skill for each class, an open-world PvP event, new side quests, and so much more. HIGHLIGHTS FROM HELL Ancients’ Cradle: There is a mystical island inhabited by reclusive people—the locals refer to it as Ancients’ Cradle. Starting 16 June AEST, players will embark on the next chapter of the Main Questline, Side Quests, Bounties, and enemy types along the way. Plus even higher Hell difficulties to test your hero’s mettle! More Weapons: Players will be able to equip two sets of weapons at the same time, adding two additional primary gear slots and bringing the total to eight. Each set of weapons has its own main hand and off-hand, giving more options than ever for combat execution. More Skills: Each class will gain an additional ...

Diablo Immortal New Expansion Coming 14 December AEDT

Diablo Immortal New Expansion Coming 14 December AEDT
Today, Blizzard are excited to announce another major update coming to Diablo Immortal. Venture into the all-new zone, Stormpoint, an exiled island long used by Westmarch as a clandestine prison and home to the largest piece of the Worldstone shard we’ve seen yet. For an in-depth explanation of this new zone, check out their Dev Update video. This time around we don’t have one, but five new Helliquary bosses for you to face. These new Lieutenants of Hell include Ophinneb the Skin-Veiled, Dymdrail, Crawling Woe, Catarag the Strangling Sun, Apothrus, Tamer of the Fallen, and Phangwrth, Warmth-Feaster. In addition, we are also introducing Hell Difficulties VI, VII, and VIII for those seeking to raise their Paragon level to new heights. In addition, five new Legendary Gems are being released with this patch along with the kickoff of the Season Eight Battle Pass: The Hidden Sun. New cosmetics are also on the ...


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