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MKAU Interviews: Team Junkfish – Upcoming Game; Monstrum 2

MKAU Interviews: Team Junkfish – Upcoming Game; Monstrum 2
Not only did we have the pleasure of taking Team Junkfish’s upcoming game, Monstrum 2, for a test drive a few weekends ago, we were also lucky enough to have a chat with some of the folks over at Team Junkfish, and talk a little about Monstrum 2. Here’s how it went. What gameplay elements would really stand out for someone new to the game that you are excited about? There are so many to mention! Monstrum 2 combines the stealth and objective-oriented gameplay of its predecessor, with the adrenaline-pumping chase-and-evade action of asymmetrical PvP games. The procedurally-generated maps change each time you play and are quite vast, plus each monster has different movement and attack skills from the others, so you could be changing your play-style each and every time. Also, Monstrum 2 is not just an asymmetric 4v1 game. It scales, so if you want to recapture the tension of being alone against ...

Monstrum 2 Enters Closed Beta on PC with New Trailer, Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

Monstrum 2 Enters Closed Beta on PC with New Trailer, Coming to Next-Gen Consoles
Monstrum 2, the multiplayer survival horror game slated for launch in the last quarter of 2020, is now available for Closed Beta testing as well as pre-purchase at Indie developer Junkfish’s cult nautical horror game Monstrum returns as an asymmetric multiplayer sequel featuring up to 4v1 gameplay, set on an abandoned sea fortress. Monstrum 2 takes survival horror to the next level by combining first person stealth gameplay with extensive procedurally generated environments that keeps each playthrough dynamic. Choose to work as a team of stranded prisoners seeking a means of escape, or hunt them down as a terrifying monster. Play as a human prisoner Use teamwork to complete puzzles, clear obstacles, and unlock new areas. Scavenge items that can help you exploit the environment and outwit the monster. Stay stealthy by using hiding spots and distractions to your advantage. Play as a monster Master different monsters and use their unique abilities to hunt down the ...


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