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Redfall Available Now Worldwide

Redfall Available Now Worldwide
Today, Arkane Austin and Bethesda Softworks released Redfall, available worldwide through Game Pass for Xbox Series X/S and PC. In Redfall, players take on a unique, story-driven FPS that provides the choice to slay vampires alone or squad up with up to three other friends. It’s up to unlikely heroes Layla, Devinder, Remi and Jacob to investigate the once-peaceful island, figure out how and why the blood suckers took over, and then drive a stake right through their hearts. For more information on Redfall, check out the official website.

Get A Taste Of Redfall’s Vampires With Bethesda ANZ & Smokey Q’s “Bite Back” BBQ Spice Rub

Get A Taste Of Redfall’s Vampires With Bethesda ANZ & Smokey Q’s “Bite Back” BBQ Spice Rub
Are you ready to bite back? Bethesda ANZ has partnered with the Australian BBQ and spice experts at Smokey Q for the launch of Arkane Austin’s Redfall, creating the brand new ‘Bite Back Spice Rub’. Taste your victories as you join the game’s heroes in taking the fight to the vampire legion laying siege to the island town of Redfall. The ‘Bite Back Spice Rub’ brings the taste of slain vampires to your table in a 100% natural, gluten free and vegan friendly spice mix. The delectable spice rub comes with a bit of heat and a whole lot of flavour, and while there are no actual vampires in it, the Bite Back Spice Rub includes charcoal powder for that signature Smokey Q taste. The perfect flavour combination whether you’re squadding up and cooking a feast for your teammates, preparing a roasted snack, or slaying alone while adding an ashen flair ...

Redfall Launch Trailer Revealed

Redfall Launch Trailer Revealed
Redfall, Arkane Austin’s unique story-driven FPS that gives players the choice to slay alone or squad up with up to three other friends, is out May 2 and this launch trailer ramps up the vampire-blasting action. Set to an exclusive new cover version of the classic Black Hole Sun, the trailer drags our heroes from old town Massachusetts to psychic underworlds and back again in a flurry of gunshots and special powers. In a world where everyone AND their vampire Gods are out to get you, our heroes need every advantage they can muster. Redfall launches next week, on May 2, on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Players can pre-order now or play day one with Game Pass.

Arkane Austin Reveals Redfall Story Trailer

Arkane Austin Reveals Redfall Story Trailer
Who are the Vampire Gods? Where do they come from? And why are they terrorising the once-sleepy island town of Redfall, Massachusetts? Discover this and more in a creepy new trailer for the upcoming open world, story-driven shooter from Arkane Austin. In this story-focused trailer, we delve deep into the darkness of Aevum Therapeutics and the sinister experiments taking place there that has turned this quaint fishing town upside down. Either playing alone or together with up to three friends, it’s up to you to bring the fight to Aevum and ultimately take back Redfall from the evil terrorising it. Redfall will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023. Players can pre-order now or play day one with Game Pass.


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