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Skater XL Launches Free Online Multiplayer Free Skate Mode

Skater XL Launches Free Online Multiplayer Free Skate Mode
Easy Day Studios has announced the launch of Skater XL’s Online Multiplayer Free Skate Mode on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Available now as a free downloadable update, Free Skate Mode allows up to 10 players the ability to jump into an online skate session together. The Skater XL Online Multiplayer Free Skate Mode allows players to join a random public room or start their own and invite friends to join using a passcode. Adding to the experience, the same replay editor functionality found in single-player can be found in the new online mode, giving players the ability to save and edit group party lines, individual tricks and memorable in-game events. The update also includes months of work on performance improvements for consoles, with increased frame rate and a significantly smoother feel to gameplay, especially on base model units. Whether it’s mastering a complex trick line in DTLA offline or soaring off ...

Iconic Embarcadero Plaza Official Map Available Now In Skater XL

Iconic Embarcadero Plaza Official Map Available Now In Skater XL
Easy Day Studios is proud to launch the Embarcadero Plaza, one of the most beloved and historic skate locations, as an official playable map in Skater XL. This original map creation from Easy Day Studios pays tribute to this iconic Bay Area district, transporting players to the San Francisco waterfront with all its ‘90s landmarks. From the well-recognized Vallaincourt Fountain, the ‘C Block’ ledges, and the infamous ‘Gonz Gap’ proving ground, gamers will get to experience this legendary street skating scene in Skater XL, available now on PS4 and Xbox One via the in-game Mod Browser. As one of the most influential locations in skateboarding history, San Francisco’s Embarcadero Plaza was the epicenter of street skating during the 1990’s. Bay Area locals and skaters around the world would come to the ‘EMB’ to write new pages in skate history books. Players can now challenge themselves to master EMB’s red bricks, long stair ...

Skater XL – Fermenter Plaza Map & New Gear Now Available

Skater XL – Fermenter Plaza Map & New Gear Now Available
Easy Day Studios is sharing the love this month as Skater XL continues to evolve the skateboarding genre with the delivery of a new player-created map, Fermenter Plaza, and over 100 pieces of new gear including decks, wheels and accessories. The new map and gear are now available to all players on PS4 and Xbox One through Skater XL’s in-game Mod Browser. Fermenter Plaza is a sprawling outdoor environment with all types of skating terrain including big rails, technical ledge sections, transitions, skatable rooftops and distinct sculptural elements. Created by Skater XL mod map maker Fermenter, the map represents the creator’s “daydream scenario” when skateboarding – where every trick landed has the next ledge set up perfectly. Visually optimised by Easy Day Studios along with reworking many technical aspects of the map so that it loads quickly, fits within the system memory and plays smoothly on all platforms, Fermenter Plaza stays ...


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