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Reigns: Three Kingdoms (Steam) – Review

Reigns: Three Kingdoms is a roguelike game that takes you on a journey through historical political strategy. The game begins in the Han Dynasty of China, during the Yellow Turban Rebellion, a significant peasant revolt that marked the beginning of the end of the Han Dynasty. From there, it transitions


Terra Nil (Nintendo Switch) – Review

City-builder games are abundant in the gaming sphere, with industrialisation and humanity taking over large plots of land being pretty standard fare. What isn’t often covered is reverse city-builders, and this is where Terra Nil thrives; emphasising the importance of preserving the natural world. The team at Free Lives and


Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Super Mario RPG The Legend of the Seven Stars was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996. A whopping 27 years later, the beloved turn-based classic returns exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, with the much more succinct title, Super Mario RPG. This isn’t a straight-up re-release though, it’s


Colored Effects (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Developed and published by TACSOU, “Colored Effects’ is a platform puzzler that has you using different coloured abilities to progress through simple but tediously challenging levels. Already available on Steam, and now on the Nintendo Switch, this is one platformer that will put your wits and skills to the test.


Just Dance 2024 (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Ubisoft’s done it again, bringing back the party in Just Dance 2024 Edition. I’ve returned to the dance floor, otherwise known as my living room, playing this year’s expansion to the catalogue on the Nintendo Switch. The rhythm-based title brings a whopping 40 new songs, various game modes, and the


Mail Time (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Being a mail person strikes me as an incredibly demanding and time-pressured profession. Kela van der Deijl, Appelmoes Games BV, and publisher, Freedom Games, seek to prove that in their world, postal workers have a very mellow job with Mail Time, which has just arrived on Nintendo Switch. Mail Time


Sentry City (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Published by Flynns Arcade and developed by Crashable Studios, Sentry City is a cyberpunk-themed, 2D platforming, shoot ’em-up indie game that encourages speedrunning. It was originally released on PC and Android devices in 2022, and it’s now available on Nintendo Switch. The unnamed protagonist must traverse the city, blasting his


Flutter Away (Nintendo Switch) – Review

I have a fascination with creatures big and small especially when they are in their own environment living their best lives. ‘Flutter Away’ by Runaway Play is an endearing indie title that captures that inquisitive and serene nature in its own calming experience. You play as a lone explorer, deep


Side Decide (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Published and developed by Australian studio, Blue Volcano, ‘Side Decide’ is a puzzle game where players roll around as children-like block toys to reach the goal. It was originally released on PC, in 2021, and is now available on Nintendo Switch. At first glance, the game may look very simple


Pikmin 4 – Review

Pikmin 4 has finally landed on Nintendo Switch, bringing with it the beloved creatures of the iconic Nintendo game series. The ever-charming real-time strategy puzzle game takes the classic from way back in 2001 on the ancient relic, the Gamecube, and brings the classic formula into the modern age. Prepare


Sonic Origins Plus – Review

Since 1991, everyone’s favourite hedgehog has been rolling around at the speed of sound across SEGA’s entire console history, all the way to modern consoles. Taking over for Alex Kidd, Sonic has been the face of SEGA and a pop culture icon for over 30 years. His early games made


Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE – Review

Nintendo Switch has been my home for alternative games, and the brand-new title from Tookyo Games and Spike Chunsoft fits that category beautifully. Master Detective Archive: Rain Code is a modern-day supernatural mystery game that puts your deductive skills to the test in some outlandish and unique ways. This single-player


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