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Minecraft Earth Early Access is Available in Australia Now

Minecraft Earth Early Access is Available in Australia Now
The day is finally here… “Minecraft Earth” Early Access is available in Australia NOW! Yes, you read that right, Minecraft’s free-to-play mobile game that blends state-of-the-art AR technology with a new version of Minecraft built on the Bedrock engine is now available for players on iOS and Android in Australia. Their goal is to make “Minecraft Earth” better over time, so they’re releasing the game in Early Access first, adding more countries each week until they’re worldwide by the end of the year. This will allow them to have people play, test and provide feedback on the game to help them shape the experience into how they want it to be. Early Access is just the beginning as they explore new ideas to add to the experience. Early Access brings new features that players in the closed beta have yet to play, including: Adventures – small slices of procedurally generated, limited-time Minecraft worlds ...

Celebrating 10 Years Of Minecraft With All-New AR Mobile Game “Minecraft Earth”

Celebrating 10 Years Of Minecraft With All-New AR Mobile Game “Minecraft Earth”
This is an incredibly exciting time for Minecraft. Ten years ago today, the game launched on PC. Now, Minecraft has sold more than 176 million copies to-date in virtually every country in the world. As a way to celebrate 10 years for the franchise, we announced today a brand-new Minecraft game – Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth is an all new free-to-play augmented reality game for mobile that will bring the creative nature of Minecraft to the real world. The game’s mechanics are simple: explore your neighborhood to find blocks and unique mobs for your builds. Once you have them, any flat surface is an opportunity to build. Team up with friends to create amazing builds on Build Plates, and then place them in the real world to explore at life-size. You can even put your survival skills to the test and battle mobs IRL! Craft new items, breed mobs, grow crops –it’s ...


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