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World of Tanks Reveals Battle Royale-Inspired Mode

World of Tanks Reveals Battle Royale-Inspired Mode
As part of World of Tanks’ two-month long Tank Festival, players will find themselves on a brand-new map battling it out to be the last person (or Platoon) standing in Steel Hunter. The new mode will be available from August 26 to September 16 and introduces a slew of new game mechanics including looting, on-the-fly vehicle upgrades, airdrops and more. The rules are simple. A no-holds-barred battle, the sole survivor or the surviving members of a single Platoon claim the victory. Every battle will start on a level playing field as each tanker will have the choice of three special tanks, representing the classic World of Tanks nations (the USSR, the USA and Germany). Before the battle starts, each of the twenty lone wolf tankers (or seven three-player Platoons) chooses a place to spawn on Dreamland, the brand-new city map specifically designed for Steel Hunter. As the battle unfolds, the area ...

World of Tanks Blitz Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary and 120m+ Downloads

World of Tanks Blitz Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary and 120m+ Downloads
World of Tanks Blitz, Wargaming’s premier mobile title, is celebrating two significant milestones this month: 120m+ downloads worldwide and its 5-year anniversary. June 26 is the special date which marks the latter and all players will get special goodies during a week of festivities starting today. Released on iOS, World of Tanks Blitz later expanded to four other platforms: Android, MacOS, Steam, and Windows 10. With this expansion, the game has more than 120m downloads worldwide and a daily active audience of 1.5m. It’s not just the audience which has grown, the game’s content itself has substantially increased. At launch, World of Tanks Blitz offered players 90 historical vehicles from 3 countries. Now, the game’s roster includes over 370 armored vehicles from 8 nations. And, unique to Blitz, a special Hybrid Nation brings alt-history, fantasy, and sci-fi together, featuring machines from Warhammer 40,000 and Valkyria Chronicles, topped with unique tanks created by ...




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