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Brook Pocket Auto Catch Plus – Review

Pokèmon Go is still bopping with updates constantly, events dropping frequently and a die-hard community still in the hundred of thousands thriving. To make the life of an average Pokèmon Trainer more efficient there are plenty ‘Pokè’ watches on the markets that assist in collecting on the go. The Pocket Auto Catch Plus, produced by Brook is one such accessory that no Pokèmon Trainer should be without.

Looking like a Fitbit watch, the Pocket Auto Catch Plus is a stylish small, matte black wrist band with a subtle pill-shaped digital face. The rubber banding is comfy and easy to secure so there is definitely no fear of it slipping off. The digital face can also be popped out of the band for easy cleaning too. The overall product feels very well made and is flexible; not something that can be easily damaged without force. While it is small and doesn’t stand out looking like just a bracelet, the screen is quite small and you may need to squint to get a good look at what the device is doing.

It comes boxed in a Japanese transcribed box but don’t be deterred as instructions inside are clearly marked in English too. Packaged inside with the watch is the USB charger is a custom 2 pin connection on the other end. Unfortunately, this is a very small cable in length, so you may need to be choosy where you put it on charge.

The Pocket Auto Catch Plus is very easy to set up via Bluetooth and Pokèmon Go Plus app but don’t forget to unpair any previous devices to assist in this process. Using the instructions you can easily learn what each symbol is as it runs off a minimalistic screen representation of what application you are using. Whether it be auto collecting PokèStops, auto catching Pokèmon, or any other notifications, it only displays very few symbols at a time.

Boy does it efficiently catch and spin everything too without you having to mess around with your phone. The battery life is amazing too with it lasting a week with vibration turned off. Vibration notifications can be turned on also which is a nice reminder to look down at your watch to see if that pocket monster is in or escaped your ball. Standby mode is also a great battery saver but unfortunately like most products in this category it does disconnect automatically after an hour. Great, if you forget to turn it off then it will save battery but not so great if you are wanting to auto-catch things while driving to work or doing a long activity with movement.

Overall, I was impressed with my time with Brook’s Pocket Auto Catch Plus. It was subtle in appearance, small, and very efficient. Definitely something you want in a device that helps you auto-catch Pokèmon on the run. With fabulous battery life, push and vibration notifications, and an easy-to-use interface, this is one device I would recommend to any trainer hitting the streets.

The Good

  • Battery life
  • Easy to use menu with instructions
  • Stylish and subtle appearances
  • It actually works - not a cash grab
  • Standby mode uses minimal battery
  • Vibration notifications

The Bad

  • The screen is quite small
  • Disconnects automatically after a hour
  • Charging cable length

Written by: StacefaceMayhem


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