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Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Earbuds – Review

Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Earbuds offer comfort, brilliant audio, long battery life, and lots of customisation via the SXFI App for a great $120 RRP (AUD) you cannot really go wrong. The design fits in your ear beautifully and the charging dock is slightly on the bulkier side but still looks beautiful.

I’ve been blown away with these earbuds, they packed 15 hours’ worth of playtime with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) off but, they might last a little longer. I kept running into the issue that the earbuds would last longer than my phone’s battery, so I needed to keep switching between the laptop and phone. The sizing of the earbuds makes them so comfortable to wear in your ears and I never found myself being uncomfortable wearing them. The IPX5 rating on them also saves them from water splashes or sweat whilst working out.

The charging case does not look like your general power bank, and it is packing an additional 60 hours of charge time. The charging case feels so nice in the hands with the nice textured matte feel. The earbud holder just slides in and out of the end of the case and it feels like an excellent quality product. Creative has also added two options to charge the case one being the standard USB-C and the other being wireless charging. The earbuds when put into the case just slip in so simply with the little magnets that hold them in.

The Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Earbuds have a little circle control panel on each one that plays a vital part in the use of the earbuds. Control-wise, I found that you needed to do the controls quickly or it would not work how you wanted it to. My favourite control needed you to hold your finger on either of the earbuds whilst not playing music and it would drop the current Bluetooth connection and connect to something else it has been paired to.

Creative has developed an iOS and Android app that you can control key features on the Outlier Pros. These features include remapping some of the controls & changing the EQ on the music side of things. Unfortunately, this was not working on my iPhone XR but I borrowed my partner’s iPhone 13 and the app worked fantastically.

The ANC “Active Noise Cancellation” I was blown away by how well it worked. I trialed it in lots of different scenarios with loud noise and the ANC was by far the best I have heard. I could not hear anything that I did not need to from beyond what I was listening to, and it also blocked out lots of the background noise whilst trying to work.

The sound quality of these earbuds is also notable. It is amazing how clear the quality was also incorporating the bass into the songs sounded like some top-tier earbuds. I listened to anything from music to podcasts to even a TV Show and was blown away at the quality that Creative has put into the Outlier Pros. This also goes in hand with the 3 microphones built into each earbud with the person on the other end of the phone call being able to hear you so clearly like you have the phone up to your ear.

Overall, I really enjoyed being able to use these earbuds. For someone that has never been a fan of wireless earbuds due to them being uncomfortable or the “play times” being a lie. Creative has really changed my eyes on this and could not recommend the product highly enough.

For anyone that is chasing a nice budget wireless earbud that wants the play-time and wants comfort, you cannot go past the Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Earbuds.

The Good

  • Comfort
  • Sound
  • Battery Life
  • Look

The Bad

  • App Issues (Older Phone)

Written by: Hayden Nelson


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