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Nacon Daija Arcade Stick – Review

I don’t know about you, but I feel some games play better on an arcade system. The likes of Tekken, Mortal Kombat and platformers like MegaMan all seem to play better when you’re handling a simple stick and a number of buttons as opposed to a controller. The games feel more responsive and actions seem to be more fluid with the larger controls of an arcade console. In steps the Daija Arcade Stick, by Nacon. Developed with the help of Kanaye, the Daija Arcade stick brings that feeling to your home.

When I first laid eyes on the packaging, I realised I was not about to review a cheap controller. The packaging was simple and very cleanly presented, all the while displaying the information you could ever need to know about this beautiful piece of gaming equipment. The first thing that caught my eye was how Nacon boast how easily the arcade stick can be modified, and they weren’t lying. The first thing I did once I pulled the unit out of its immaculate packing was begin to pull it apart. Two red buttons, one on either side of the stylised casing allow the user to pop the lid open and gain access to the inner workings of the system.

Users can easily switch out the buttons for ones that they may prefer, or mix and match colours to suit their desired control style (I personally would aim to replace the buttons with coloured ones that match which PlayStation button they correspond to) while storing small tools and additional pieces within the casing itself. The system also includes two options for the control stick; a simple sphere, or the more classic elongated tear drop. You would easily be able to replace either of these with whatever your heart desired thanks to the easy to use screw on system on offer. Included in the packing are two card faceplates, giving you some choice on how you wish to decorate your new arcade stick. You could even use one of these to create a cut out so that you can display your own personal design. Protected by a piece of clear plastic and held down by 6 hex screws (tool included), you won’t have to worry about accidentally tearing your precious work of art.

Although bulky, the case itself is meticulously built. Designed to be sat on a coffee table or built into your own personal gaming cabinet, sleek lines and elegant curves will look equally at home resting next to your television. The 3 meter long USB cable tucks away nicely into a specially hidden compartment at the back of the control system and the foam interior means you won’t lose the tools and pieces it comes supplied with.

Connecting the Daija Arcade stick was an absolute breeze. Simply plug the supplied 3 meter USB cable into the front of your PS3/4 and press the PS button located on the side. As default, the unit I was supplied with had the control stick mapped to the right thumb stick, however you can easily toggle this with a switch located on the right hand side of the controller, allowing you to access your D-pad or left thumb stick.

While it was a breeze to set up, I did find the unit a little cumbersome to use. The unit itself is quite heavy, so I would strongly encourage you to place it on a table instead of on your lap while gaming. I would also prefer if all the control buttons were located on the top of the device, as the right hand side contains the PS button, Menu/Options as well as your R3/L3 buttons. While the games I tested this on didn’t really have much need for these, I feel that for other players it may be a little frustrating, particularly if they don’t use this controller very often and haven’t developed the muscle memory.

The Good

  • Easily switch out the buttons.
  • The 3 meter long USB cable tucks away nicely.
Mathew Lindner

Written by: Mathew Lindner

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      Melekharn April 24, 2019 |

      I made a boo boo!
      As per my comment below, unfortunately this is a wired system. The cable can be tucked away for transport into a compartment on the back, but is required for both PS4 and PC gaming.
      On this plus side, it is quite long, so you shouldn’t have too many issues.

  1. Avatar
    Melekharn April 23, 2019 |

    Unfortunately not. They are corded units. But the cable has a bit of length. Hope this helps!

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