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Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller – Review

I’ll be honest, I never really saw the point in buying things like elite controllers. On top of that, once I was able to buy my own gear, it was always the genuine brand stuff. I generally found aftermarket controllers for the most part, to be a disappointment. They just never seemed to work properly, or they didn’t respond as well as the real deal. Bluemouth Interactive have other ideas, and have hooked us up with a sweet new controller for the PlayStation 4; The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller.

From the moment I pulled open the package, I was impressed. The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller comes with its own little carry case that comfortably holds all the pieces you get with it. And it isn’t just a cheap one either – it’s made with high quality materials you’d expect to see on a camera case carried by a professional photographer. It doesn’t stop there; once you glide open the zipper, you are greeted with an absolutely beautifully crafted controller and a small plastic container full of goodies that allow you to change your new controller to suit your play style.

The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller is slightly larger than a standard PlayStation controller, and the control sticks are set up closer to an Xbox controller more than anything else, but as a personal preference, I find this much easier to handle and control. Tucked away on the inside of the grips you’ll find an extra 4 buttons that can be set up separately should you decide to connect to a PC and using the easy to follow software will put you ahead of your opponent as you program your own sensitivity.

PC aside, you’ll find two panels neatly hidden on the underside of the grips. These allow you to change the weight by simply adding extra weights included in the little plastic container mentioned earlier. The thumb pads on the control sticks quite simply pull off, allowing you to change from concave ones that are installed as standard, to the convex ones also included. You can also find a couple of cylinders that readily slide on and off the stems, allowing you to reduce how far the sticks will move depending on your play style.

While I used the supplied USB cable connected to the PlayStation, the controller also allows for wireless use with the included Wi-Fi dongle. Simply plug in the dongle, flick the switch on the back side and you’re away! There is also another switch on the base of the controller allowing you to change between two different settings for PlayStation and then the PC function. This will change how your four profile buttons work, but also allow you to change other controller settings by using the PC application.

Overall, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller is extremely comfortable to use. I used mine with the heavier weights and without the sleeves. It’s incredibly responsive to your inputs and can easily be adjusted to suit the player’s needs. Nacon once again have shown they understand controllers; but they have also shown to me that sometimes the third-party brands can be substantially better than the originals – You just need to make sure you’re buying the right ones.

My only gripe: Why not Xbox?

The Good

  • Very comfortable
  • Simple setup
  • User adjustable

The Bad

  • It doesn’t work on Xbox
  • Takes up a USB for both wired and wireless play
Mathew Lindner

Written by: Mathew Lindner

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