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Nanoleaf Lines Squared (Starter Kit & Expansion Pack) – Review

Nanoleaf is innovation. There are no ifs or buts about them. Smarter by design, this company has changed the game when it comes to lighting in a modern world obsessed with an RGB glow.

With their newest design, the Nanoleaf Lines, being the pinnacle and most desired of their range so far, of course, they have experimented with how they can be displayed. The ‘Nanoleaf Line Squared’ provides more options on what designs you can arrange your lights for the ultimate custom experience.

Not much differs between the 2 types of Nanoleaf lines, so this review will highlight the differences. For a full comprehensive review of the Nanoleaf Lines as a product, I highly recommend you click the link here and read about the base product first.

Firstly, the Nanoleaf Lines Squared Starter kit has only 4 lines compared to the 9 in the original starter kit. It also comes with 4 connectors and 1 mounting connector with a control panel and power supply.

If you are aiming for a great design I suggest doing your research as it would be more beneficial to start with the original starter kit with 9 lines in conjunction with this one for some truly remarkable shapes. The Nanoleaf Lines Squared Expansion pack, for a reasonable price of $AUD 119.99, has 3 extra lines and 4 of the newest connectors.

Secondly, the most obvious and deliberate difference is the connectors. In the first starter kit of their flagship line design, the connectors were hexagonal for 45-degree angles. The Nanoleaf Lines Squared, as you may have guessed, sports square connectors for sweet 90-degree angles.

This opens up a wide open door of possibilities in designs. I found myself mixing and matching the old hexagonal ones and the new squared ones to make some funky and original designs. Obviously though, the biggest perk with the square connectors is the fact you can now frame perpendicular surfaces making framing desks and other rectangular objects with ease.

The master connector works the same and allows for customisation in colours without mucking around with apps or accompanying tech software. For an ultimate customisation experience, you can hop on the PC companion or the mobile app and use their software to delve deeper into patterns and colours. What I did not cover in my last review is the inclusion of the Layout Assistant.

This allows you to map out and lay down some designs and work with the vast colour range from the two zones of lighting per line. Using the AR feature you can then preview them in your room to scale to see if it suits any room from the lounge to battle station setups.

I still find the software at times touchy, having to be rebooted when it doesn’t sync straight away, but as a whole, the powers and capabilities of it probably puts some strain on the software.

With their holiday sales gearing up, Nanoleaf Lines Square Starter kits or Extension Kits are perfect for anyone wanting to begin or extend their lighting arrangements around any area of your home. They bring style, uniqueness, and a warmth that any age or character would enjoy.

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The Good

  • Multiple connectors delivering 90 degree angles
  • Still lengthy power cable
  • Multiple preset designs
  • Interactive syncing with music and movies
  • User friendly
  • Beautiful ambient lighting
  • Full customisation
  • Adhesive sticky tabs for diverse displaying

The Bad

  • Minor reboots needed sometimes to get the devices to connect to the app

Written by: Stacey


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