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Razer Viper V2 Pro (White) Wireless Mouse – Review

Razer has a long history of giving the customer what they want. Boasting modern and slick designs does the ‘Viper V2 Pro’ live up to the Razer reputation?

The Viper V2 Pro is one good-looking mouse. One thing I can commend Razer on as a whole is their style and it definitely applies here. Coming straight out of the box, this matte white mouse (also comes in black) has 5 uniquely shaped buttons that add a futuristic flair to the overall design. Designed for the right-handed, these buttons include a scroll wheel and two more prominent side thumb buttons all neatly positioned in comfortable spots. The palm support is what I would consider moderately arched and as a whole is quite comfortable to use in a palm or claw grip style.

Underneath are three glider pads, paired with the USB-C speedflex cable, I have never had a mouse so easily glide across my mousepad. Another design element that adds to the smoothness is its 58 grams of pure lightweight plastic. Being wireless you’d assume a battery would be bulking it down but The Viper V2 Pro feels as light as a feather but neither fragile with its solid plastic shell. The power cable is just that, and when your battery eventually runs out it can be easily popped into its point for wired play while charging. Not a dock insight on this Razer device. Also, here is where you will find the multifunction on/off button that can be clicked on the fly to adjust your DPI settings for any occasion.

Also included, is a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle and extender that can be used in conjunction with the speedflex power cable. The wireless dongle delivered a fabulous wire-free experience. It was completely plug-and-play with no stuffing around and not once did I lose connection or responsiveness nor did I witness my cursor sputter across the screen.

The battery life too was extreme, running up to 80 hours before needing to recharge. I can personally say this thing powered on for a solid week before I put it back on charge and even then I wasn’t sure if it really needed a recharge; it just felt like the right thing to do. Definitely a trust issue from previous brands it seems.

Typical of most modern peripherals, for full customization downloading software, is pivotal. The Razer Synapse 3 software enables you to customise and remap buttons, change the sensitivity of the onboard DPI, polling rates, and tracking distance. Equipped with a 30K Optical Sensor, here is where you can also adjust the smart tracking and asymmetric cut-off distance syncing your travel to your PC and fine-tuning your lift-off distance no matter the surface, glass included.

It was as oddly satisfying to see my drags on a glass table, cast away in a gaming binge register with complete accuracy. The Viper V2 Pro DPI ranges all the way up to 30 000 but honestly to me that doesn’t matter as it is too high for even most esport stars to even play on. All these settings changed save as one onboard profile. As usual, the Razer Synapse is fully updated and completely simple to traverse, and user-friendly. You can navigate every area as they describe what each does, I love a company that has the customer in mind.

Ok, now calm down and hear me out… there is no RGB lighting in this mouse. ‘WTF’ I hear you stammer, ‘but it’s a RAZER device’ I hear you cry but it really doesn’t need it in the grand scheme of its design. Lighting would just weigh it down and the crisp design especially in white already makes it stand out in any setup.

No RGB lighting could be a deal-breaker for some but that would be such a disservice to this versatile and incredibly stylish mouse. At a premium price of $AUD259, this is one wireless mouse that certainly goes the distance in power and longevity battery-wise. Razer often does not disappoint and with this mouse, they have knocked it out of the park with style and ingenuity. Wireless never felt so good.

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The Good

  • Stylish modern design in white and black
  • Comfortable for most grip types
  • 5 functional buttons
  • Oh boy, is it lightweight (58g)
  • Slides flawlessly
  • DPI up to 30000
  • 3 polling rates
  • Wireless for up to 80hrs
  • Responsive on wireless

The Bad

  • Losing the traditional Razer RGB lighting

Written by: Stacey


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