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RIG 500 PRO HC Gen 2 Gaming Headset – Review

We’ve been working with Nacon for a while now, and we’re always excited by the new products they bring us. Their gaming peripherals are fantastic quality products that really help to give gamers the edge when they need it most, and now that they have acquired RIG, they’re also delivering some impressive audio.

The RIG Pro HC Gen 2 Competitive Gaming Headset is an amazing entry-level set of headphones, sporting the aggressive looks that so many people want. The lightweight metal headband provides plenty of support for even the most enthusiastic of players, while the self-adjusting head strap had me experiencing comfort levels I have yet to feel from any other brand, and most importantly, the earcups hugged my ears softly, letting me experience some incredible audio without agitating my piercings. I can only assume that this would be the same for people who rely on glasses and coming in at only 281 grams, I often forgot I had them on.

Admittedly, I was slightly surprised at how much plastic is used on these, given that they do look metallic from a bit of a distance, but it is very durable. The earcups themselves have 3 locations on each side of the headband that they can be moved to, and I was a little worried that I would snap the supports when trying to adjust them, but they held true. It was also quite amazing to see just how much support they had as well, as once they are popped into place they don’t move around at all, fitting snuggly in their little recesses. The attention to detail and use of high-quality materials really helps to seal the deal with this, and I don’t think they’ll be breaking any time soon.

The closed-cup design earcups help to block out a lot of background noise, which allows the 50mm tuned drivers to deliver 3D audio with the included 2-year subscription to Dolby Atmos, available on both Windows PC and Xbox. If you’re not playing on PC or Xbox, the Rig 500 Pro HC Gen 2 Competitive Gaming Headset is also compatible with PlayStation 3D audio and Windows Sonic Spatial Sound. The only gaming system that won’t support the surround sound experience is the Switch, but you’re probably not after the full 3D sound experience if that’s your console of choice.

The detachable unidirectional microphone helps to isolate your voice, while cancelling out any external audio sources, allowing you to effectively and clearly communicate with your teammates, even in the most demanding of circumstances, and if you don’t want them to hear you munching on corn chips or slurping your favourite soft drink, simply flick it into the upright position to mute it. A built-in volume control slide, situated on the 1.3-meter lead will allow you to quickly and easily adjust your volume, but it also sports a handy lock when you push it to maximum volume – a satisfying click signals that you won’t be accidentally adjusting this any time soon.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to the Rig 500 Pro HC headset, though they don’t impact the quality of build or performance in any way. My first little irritant is that the cable is only 1.3 meters long. This is perfectly acceptable when playing on a console, as the cable just needs to get to your controller, but on a PC, and particularly if you have a wide desk, this can be a little restrictive. I didn’t quite have the freedom of movement that I like to have. This was easily fixed by simply plugging the headset into my Xbox controller while it was plugged into the computer. My second gripe is that this particular cable is one of those flat-type cables. It’s great because it is less likely to tangle up when compared to standard round cables, but it feels a little flimsy and like it could break with the slightest of tugs.

Ignoring these tiny frustrations, the RIG 500 Pro HC Gen 2 Competitive Gaming Headset sets the bar pretty high when it comes to entry-level headsets. It offers a stylish and durable design, all while providing the comfort you’d expect from the more expensive headsets. The 50mm enclosed drivers deliver high-quality audio, particularly when combined with the 2-year subscription to Dolby Atmos, and the microphone gently picks up and carries your voice to your teammates. Nacon & RIG has once again proved why they are one of my favourite companies when it comes to gaming peripherals.

The Good

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Light weight
  • Light weight
  • Includes 2 years of Dolby Atmos
  • Great sound quality

The Bad

  • The lead is a little short and feels flimsy

Written by: Mathew Lindner



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