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ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse – Review

What is better than hardware? Hardware that has been created with collaboration in mind and from more than one perspective. Republic of Gamers teaming up with Aim Lab has developed a mouse with the ultimate gamer in mind. Boasting engineering with consultation from Esports coaches and experts in the field does the ‘ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse’ deliver on the promise of being able to release your pro potential?

In the box, you will find a nicely organised kit of goodies. You will find the mouse itself in a little black felt bag, the USB dongle with an extender included, the USB paracord and even extra mouse feet. If that wasn’t enough, they also included some neat extras such as graphically edgy grip tape and a batch of shiny ROG stickers. A sweet inclusion indeed.

Appearing medium in size with a high palm arch, this ambidextrous mouse comes with 5 buttons; utilising an RGB-lit rubber scroll wheel and 2 pastel blue, Aim Lab-inspired, left-hand side buttons. Finished in a matte black and lightweight at 54 grams, this mouse is generally comfortable to use with any grip type but due to the high arch could lead to some eventual wrist ache after long sessions without support.

Using micro switches, each button is bouncy but definitely durable. Underneath you will find four slick slide pads strategically positioned in each corner to the ultimate glide. Here you can also find 3 buttons; the DPI button, a pairing button, and a slide button to switch between the 3 modes of connectivity. A surprisingly efficient feature is a sneaky little USB dongle storage compartment to keep your wireless connection safe during wired usage.

While speaking about connectivity, there are 3 ways to utilise your mouse. Firstly, the USB 2.0 type C to type A paracord to wire in. The cable is braided for minimal drag resistance and is very effective if you don’t want to worry about battery life. You also have the option for 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity but my preferred method to use wireless was the RF 2.4GHz dongle. Providing flawless and lag-free connectivity, the cool new feature of Omni Receiver technology means you can connect up to two devices to one dongle minimising precious USB slot usage.

Genius technology, I was fortunate to take advantage of this with a previous review unit the ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless but wish more ROG devices were compatible for the future. Multiple devices though definitely do not compromise connectivity with latency very low still.

Some other noteworthy features are the fact it has a decent wireless battery life of around 70 hours give or take with the brightest static RGB setting in my use. The 36000 AimPoint Optical Sensor also has 50G of max acceleration ( I don’t know what freak of a gamer needs these levels but..) creating the ability for crazy levels of whip that come with less than 1 percent CPI deviation meaning precise movement.

It really was a breeze to use whether in a fast-paced shooter or a slow RPG adventure. Finally, the onboard controls mean you can use a combination of buttons on the fly to adjust your polling rate, DPI (100-36000), and lift-off distance.

Much similar to my previous Republic Of Gamer reviews, I found the accompanying ‘Amoury Crate’ software efficient and user-friendly. This is used to customize all your peripherals. Here I can tinker with my lighting, button functionality, surface calibration, power input for battery life, and firmware updates. Most importantly, you can adjust performance such as the sensitivity of DPIs, acceleration and decelerations, polling rates, and angle tuning. Sticking with the collaboration, there is also an AimLab tab linking you to their aim trainer programs and tech.

The software looked daunting at first but was actually really easy to navigate with all updates included to keep things running smoothly. Everything is clearly labelled with instructions making for a seamless transition into customising your experience.

Overall, the ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse is a cracker of a mouse with lag-free and flawless whips and flicks as it glides smoothly across a mousepad. A perfect lightweight addition to make you feel like a pro, this is one collaboration that aims and doesn’t miss its targets.

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The Good

  • Extra feet and grip tape included
  • 5 buttons including two side buttons
  • RGB-lit scroll wheel
  • Lightweight 54 grams
  • Ambidextrous
  • Comfortable enough with all grip types
  • Micro switches on buttons
  • Four slide pads
  • 3 modes of connectivity
  • Lag-free connectivity and low latency
  • Omni Reciever frees up USB space
  • Decent battery life on wireless
  • 36000 AimPoint Optical Sensor
  • Onboard controls
  • User-friendly software

The Bad

  • High arch may cause wrist ache
  • More devices compatible with the Omni Reciever

Written by: Stacey


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