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ROG Strix Impact III Wireless Mouse (Hardware) – Review

ROG is becoming renowned for its high-performing peripherals for gaming, and the ROG Strix Impact III Wireless Mouse is no exception. MKAU has been given the chance to check out this device thanks to the team at ROG.

Opening the box, the mouse is protected in a small black fabric bag with an AA battery held in the cardboard. Removing the device from its bag, the sleek, black plastic design fits comfortably in my smallish hands, sporting two large buttons on the top on either side of the scroll wheel, and two programmable side buttons on the left side of the mouse. The semi-ambidextrous device is extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 57 grams – I don’t think I’ve ever used a mouse as light as this one.

Pulling back the casing to insert the battery, I was surprised to find an AAA battery in a removable conversion case already installed, which means this mouse takes both AA and AAA batteries. Below the battery, and something which I did not find on my first look over, sits the wireless receiver snug in its slot for safekeeping.

On the underside of the mouse is a switch for the dual receiver modes – ROG SpeedNova RF 2.4GHz or Bluetooth. Opposite this, are 2 buttons, one for DPI settings and one for pairing the device to its ROG Omni Receiver (which supports more than one connection) or Bluetooth (pair this device with up to 3 devices at any given time). Four Teflon feet perched on its corner edges allow the device to glide easily over any hard surface, with a ROG AimPoint optical sensor as the centrepiece for the underside features.

The two main buttons on the mouse sport ROG Micro Switches allowing for super easy and accurate clicks. The switches are also very long-lasting, with a 70M-click lifespan, ensuring longevity of usage. The switches are also interchangeable with compatible mechanical switches that fit the Gen 1 Push-Fit Switch Sockets, allowing you to fit one that works better for you if you prefer a heavier-handed approach, or to extend the device’s lifetime.

The scroll wheel doubles as the DPI switch, with up to 36,000 DPI sensitivity with less than 1% deviation, this mouse is very precise. Considering the industry average is 3%, you’re coming at anything you play with this advantage.

I’ve been using this mouse consistently for about a month at this point, and the included AAA battery has shown no sign of dwindling power. Looking at the specs for this device on the official ROG website, the battery life can vary depending on the AURA Sync lighting settings and receivership you opt to use for connection to your PC:


  • Lighting off: 618 hours battery life.
  • Default lighting on: 450 hours battery life.

ROG SpeedNova RH 2.4Ghz.

  • Lighting off: 450 hours battery life.
  • Default lighting on: 320 hours battery life.

The ROG Strix Impact III also has onboard memory to calibrate and save preset mouse settings. Activatable by pressing different mouse button combinations, this allows you to easily switch between profiles which can automatically adjust DPI, lighting settings, and the polling rate. Once again, the ASUS Armoury Crate comes in handy here, allowing you to preload your settings and customizations for quick switches.

The ROG Strix Impact III is an excellent mouse. The lightweight feel of it, the light mechanical switches, and the high DPI capability allow for a precision I haven’t experienced in even some higher-end mice. This is excellent form considering the device’s price point. I also love that it takes both AA and AAA batteries, and has dual receivership, allowing you to decide if you need another dongle in your PC or if you’re happy using the onboard Bluetooth.

I’m also comforted by the interchangeable switches – I can’t tell you how many left mouse buttons I’ve broken in my time. All in all, ROG have smashed it again with another fantastic product.

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The Good

  • Dual receivership (RF 2.4GHz or Bluetooth)
  • Takes AA batteries or converted AAAs with is included converter capsule
  • Onboard memory for loading setting profiles by clicking specific button combinations
  • 36,000 DPI with less than 1% deviation
  • Budget friendly
  • Interchangeable button switches for customization/easy repair

The Bad

  • None, I love this mouse

Written by: Emily France


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