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Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse – Review

m4 rgb

Made in Sweden, The M4 RBG from Xtrfy is certainly different looking. Being their newest mouse on the market, set to be released this October at a RRP of about $59.00, this highly anticipated mouse, is all the talk. So, what does MKAU have to say about it?

Man, do I love a good quirky design. The Xtrfy M4 is certainly that! Made of extra light plastic and with a honeycomb filter of holes all over it, it is a style you will either love or hate. I personally think the mesh of holes is very cool, but if you have Trypophobia, you should probably steer clear. One thing I liked particularly about the grip and feel of the holes, was the fact it really does reduce sweaty palm with the increased airflow. Not a big deal, but it is when you live in Australia and need to use your PC a lot. After some research, it was nice to see they come in a range of matte colours from blue to pink, instead of just the standard black and white. I love options.

The mouse itself is a decent and curvy size and enables my fingers and hand to wrap around it snuggly, and boy is it light at 69 grams. It glides around my mouse pad effortlessly making for smooth and precise movements. The two side buttons are located comfortably near your thumb grip and the rubber scroll wheel is silent and ribbed for your own pleasure. It is always nice to see that the cord was braided and very flexible, at 1.8m though, I wish it was a tad longer for my own set up, but most people will find it fine.

Located in the middle of the mouse, above the scroll wheel was a mystery button. Pressing this button adjusts my favourite feature, the LED lighting. Now, a lot of mice on the market have LED lighting, but due to the holes, this beastly mouse lights up like the Fourth of July. Pressing it will cycle through a range of styles and patterns, illuminating your surrounding areas. Pressing it in conjunction with other buttons will give you the ability to customise your lightshow and brightness. Or you could just turn it off.

Underneath is a small button to adjust the DPI. The M4 has a broad DPI range, from a cruisy 400 to an electrifyingly quick 16 000. Sensitivity is something I always think should be adjusted at a flip of a switch, and it’s a welcomed addition. You can also adjust the polling rate from 125 to up to 1000 HZ meaning adjusted report back rates, and with a 400 IPS, your movement is definitely always being tracked. It really was so smooth whether it was day to day office work or slapping cheeks on a shooter, it didn’t drag or lag behind.

Overall, this is a mouse of nothing but pure quality. It is a statement in any set up with its quirky design and beautiful LED lighting. The lightweight casing coupled with a high DPI is optimal for all those pro gamers looking to nail a quick click and flick across their screens. This mouse is certainly functional, meeting my day to day needs, but also assisting in my pro gamer fantasy. Now to work on my own reaction speeds.

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The Good

  • Crazy, cool design
  • Range of unique colours
  • Braided EZcord
  • Comfortable thumb and palm design
  • Lightweight as hell
  • LED lighting is amazing
  • Adjustable DPI and Polling through simple buttons
  • Glides smoothly
  • I’m in love with this mouse

The Bad

  • The honeycomb like design might trigger some people’s design aesthetic

Written by: Stacey

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