Announcing The Call of Duty: Warzone “Trio Tuesdays by Billy Davis” Event Series

ORDER are excited to announce their first creative project led by Creative Ambassador Billy Davis. The “Trio Tuesdays by Billy Davis” is part of ORDER’s and Billy’s vision to bridge the gap between mainstream media and gaming. “Trio Tuesdays” is an officially licensed ongoing Call of Duty: Warzone event series that includes pro-level players, content creators, and non-endemic talent competing for prizes on a monthly schedule. Inspired by the successful “Warzone Wednesdays”, the idea was borne out of Billy’s passion to build a community and relaxed space for players, creators, and influencers to collaborate in a gaming environment.

“I’m super pumped to finally be able to provide a platform for ANZ’s best creators, artists and players to showcase themselves on a commercial stage. Being able to collaborate between mainstream pop culture and media to bring more deserved attention to the gaming scene has always been a goal of mine. Musicians, artists, everyone is desperate for a creative outlet at the moment and I can’t wait to explore how we can connect them.” – Billy Davis

There are two (2) ways to qualify for the first Trio Tuesdays series; direct invites for professional teams and high-profile creators, or via application and submission of an in-game score assessment using community-approved third-party tools.

There will be three online events/heats, leading up to a final in the 4th week. The week 4 final is also scheduled to be opened with a PRO-AM event, featuring both endemic and non-endemic talent facing off in a modified game mode.

  • “Trio Tuesdays by Billy Davis”
    • Week 1: 21 September 6PM
    • Week 2: 28 September 6PM
    • Week 3 3: 5 October 6PM
  • Final (Week 4): 12 October 8PM
    • “Trio Tuesday Showdown by Billy Davis” PRO-AM
    • PRO-AM: 12 October 6PM

There will be $5,000 in prizes up for grabs.

Approximately 20 invitations for the first tournament will be provided to high profile content creators, as well as the leading Call of Duty: Warzone organisations and players in the region.

The remaining 28 tournament slots will be open via application. These remaining slots will be allocated to teams that have applied with the highest “Score per min”, a commonly used statistic across Warzone tournaments to help indicate the skill level and seeding of players for tournaments. Teams will be required to register their username and provide a link to their profile on CodTracker Minimum playtime thresholds must be met for a score to be deemed legitimate.

Applications open on September 12, more information is available via the official Discord and website.

This event is a pilot/case study for future events with intention to continue providing opportunities in Warzone.

Week 1,2,3 –

  • Check-in open 5pm AEST
  • Check-in close 5.50pm AEST
  • Lobbies created and posted at 5.50pm AEST
  • Shows start 6pm AEST

Final (Week 4) –

  • Check-in open 4:00pm AEST
  • Check-in close 5.50pm AEST
  • Shows start 5:45pm AEST
  • PRO-AM lobbies created and posted at 5.50pm AEST AM
  • PRO-AM matches start 6pm AEST (~approx 1.5 hours play)
  • Lobbies created and posted at 7.50pm AEST
  • Finals series commences 8pm AEST

For registration, full format or rules, join the official Discord or visit

Written by: MKAU Gaming


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