Coming Soon To Xbox Game Pass: Downwell, Slay The Spire, Pandemic And More

Happy reprioritizing-your-backlog-of-games-because-Xbox-just-added-more-to-Xbox Game Pass day!

Have you seen Major Nelson’s backlog of games? He must shuffle that list around all the time.) How do you choose what you’re going to play next in your backlog? Go for what gets you the most achievements? Pick the games that have animals you can pet? Prioritize the fighting games so you can prove that you are a better fighter and not just a button masher no matter what your brother says? (that last one might just be us).

Let’s look at the games we’re adding to your backlog now. Reminder that you can install games directly to your console from the Xbox Game Pass mobile app! Get the games installed while you’re out, that way you’re that much closer to catching up with all those games.

Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass

August 1

  • Ashes Cricket (Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)
    Ashes Cricket brings all the fast-paced action, big hits, and skill that you see in the greatest cricket competition in the world, in both a more realistic and authentic way than ever before.
  • Pandemic (Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)
    As members of an elite disease control team, you’re the only thing standing in the way of the four deadly diseases spreading across the world. Travel the globe protecting cities, contain infections from spreading, and discover the cure for each disease. The fate of humanity is in your hands!
  • Downwell (Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)
    Venture down into a darkness filled with nasty creatures (and mysterious secrets) to collect spectacular red gems scattered about the rocks in search of untold treasures. Armed only with your Gunboots for protection, battle well-dwelling monsters and uncover hidden caves filled with riches and relics.

August 8

  • Jackbox Party Pack 2 (Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)
    The sequel to the party game phenomenon The Jackbox Party Pack, featuring five fresh, rib-tickling party games supporting up to eight players. It’s a game-night riot in a box… without the box!
  • Space Hulk Tactics (Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)
    A faithful adaptation of the board game “Space Hulk” bringing a unique twist to the cult classic formula. Engage in bloody battles through an immense Space Hulk — a twisted mass of asteroids, wrecked star ships, and debris – as either a squad of Terminator Space Marines or the deadly alien Genestealers.

August 14

  • Slay the Spire (Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)
    Fusing card games and roguelikes together in an original single-player, deckbuilder adventure. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, and discover relics of immense power to slay the spire!

Xbox Game Pass Quests

Earn more than 1,200 Microsoft Rewards points August 1 – September 2 when you complete Game Pass Quests. Use your points towards Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Gift cards and much more.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight – 200 Rewards points each
    • Earn two achievements
  • Metro Exodus, Metro Last Light, and Metro 2033 Redux – 100 Rewards points
    • Earn one achievement in any of the Metro games
  • Battle Your Way in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Doom, and Payday 2 – 300 Rewards points
    • Earn one achievement in each game
  • Ashes Cricket – 100 Rewards points (starts on 8/5
    • Earn two achievements
  • Play Something New – 100 Rewards points
    • Earn one achievement in any game within the “Play Something New” Collection
  • Summer of ID@Xbox – 300 Rewards points
    • Earn three achievements in any of the Summer of ID@Xbox games
  • Mobile App – 100 Rewards points
    • Sign-in to mobile app four times on four different days
  • Mobile App – 100 Rewards points
    • Download an Xbox Game Pass title from the mobile app

Wait, Don’t Forget This Part

Please pet your hard drive, tell it that you love it, maybe give its surroundings a nice dusting so it’s shown the proper love and respect it deserves. Then tell it sorry from us because we’re going to keep dropping games like this regularly to give it a workout.


Written by: MKAU Gaming

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