Dragons Descend Into World Of Warships: Legends For Lunar New Year

World of Warships are ringing in the Lunar New Year on consoles in World of Warships: Legends. This update is jam-packed with content, including ships, a Commander, and specialty skins. Legends also welcomes the fourth wave of Azur Lane to its harbours, a Legendary Italian cruiser to the research Bureau and yet another classic five-week, 100 milestone campaign with the German Tier VIII Premium battleship, Pommern, waiting at the end.

Pan-Asian Arrivals

Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, a boatload of Pan-Asian content has bounced into Legends. Kicking off these Lunar New Year celebrations is a brand-new dragon Commander guise, equipped with its own special voiceover. Keeping the scaly theme going, Tier VII Premium Pan-Asian destroyer, Northern Dragon, makes a debut, alongside a number of special, Pan-Asian skins for a handful of ships to get in on the festivities.

On top of this, Lunar New Year sees a dedicated crate come to the game, and a whole new branch of four Tier IV-VII tech tree cruisers coming to Early Access. These ships, sporting some hefty deep-water torpedoes, each come with a personal mission to complete. This branch will become researchable in the next update and make way for the introduction of the line-topping Tier VIII Sejong.

Ladies, ships, and guns

A fabulous quintet, this Azur Lane reinforcement, same as the previous three waves, is based on the Azur Lane Characters. Those are: Eagle Union New Jersey, Royal Navy Neptune, Iron Blood Roon, Northern Parliament Chapayev, and last, but definitely not least comes Iris Libre – the first character of this faction to grace Legends’ waters – Saint Louis.

Two shiny new ships will dock in the port. No captain is worthy enough without their ships, so a couple of those, Azur Lane New Jersey as a battleship and Azur Lane Chapayev as a cruiser, are joining US and Soviet Navies, respectively.

Three more new skins, Azur Lane Roon (for German navy), Azur Lane Neptune (for Royal Navy), and Azur Lane Saint Louis will be obtainable alongside aforementioned in-game items. However, all of these require having an original version of the warship to be useful.

The new Azur Lane crate, unlike the iterations of previous parts of the collaboration, does not drop only the current wave Commanders. Instead, it contains a chance for every item of the collaboration, among other in-game goodies.

Campaign, Competitive Modes and More

Wrapping up this packed update is another classic Legends campaign. Waiting at the end of the five-week, 100-milestone Griffin of the Baltic campaign is the solid German Tier VIII Premium battleship Pommern. This vessel boasts a solid HP pool alongside a powerful secondary battery and mighty AP shells. This update also sees three extended seasons of Ranked Battles and two also-extended Brawls to the game, with Ranked Battles available to ships spanning Tier V-VII to engage in five-on-five battles.

Closing out January’s update, Legends also welcomes its first Legendary Tier Italian ship, with cruiser Napoli of Regia Marina joining as a free Bureau project.

This update also brings a number of bug fixes, upgrades and balance changes across the game.

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