Get Ready For A Once-In-A-Lifetime Road Trip With Dustborn – Now Available For Pre-Order

SPOTLIGHT BY QUANTIC DREAM and the Oslo-based studio Red Thread Games are thrilled to announce the launch of pre-orders for DustbornTM. The announcement was made with a brand-new cinematic trailer at the Future Games Show – Summer Edition. The game will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on the 20th of August 2024.

In DustbornTM, players are invited to embark on a thrilling yet light-hearted road trip across an alternative American Republic, with the important mission of carrying a mysterious package from one coast to another. This single-player, interactive story, action-adventure game is set in a comic-book-inspired universe where words can be used to shape a unique narrative. All along the colourful road, players will build relationships, recruit new crew members, fight enemies, and play gigs as an undercover punk-rock band.

To celebrate the start of pre-orders, two brand new cinematics were broadcast during the ActuGaming French Direct 2024 and the Future Games Show – Summer Edition. The first cinematics featured new gameplay presenting the crew at the start of their journey, using the power of words to face a not-so-friendly encounter, while the second one introduced DustbornTM’s main antagonists, the Puritans, a fundamentalist technocratic corporate conglomerate from whom the crew has stolen the package.

“We are excited to offer a deeper look at how the power of words shapes Dustborn’s gameplay,” says Ragnar Tørnquist, Creative Director at Red Thread Games. “As we launch pre-orders, we wanted to give players more insight into the crew’s undercover punk-rock road trip and the adversaries they face along the way. We cannot wait to see players discover the game’s comic book-inspired experience, build relationships with the crew, and use their abilities to defeat Justice and the Puritans!”

The game will also be featured in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, which will be held from June 10 to the 17th, 2024. For one week, players will have access to an exclusive 30-minute free demo for the very first time, only on Steam.

It will give them a chance to explore different situations and discover the power of words, playing as Pax, the main character. As an Anormal, she can control words to craft new powers, defend herself, get out of tricky situations, neutralize threats, and build relationships with her crew or new encounters. Of course, relationships can be tricky to navigate, with each character bringing their own powers, perspectives, motives, and insecurities. It promises to be an emotional, rocky, and rewarding journey!

To start their road trip with style, players who pre-order the game will receive a free exclusive bonus skin, including:

  • A Sherbert twirl hat
  • A Psycho Pete bat
  • An exclusive Eye C U Jacket

The studio has more surprises in store. A physical edition will also be available at launch on the 20th of August. This special edition will include:

  • 2 postcards from iconic locations visited by the crew;
  • A map of the American Republic, listing all the pitstops the crew has to make before arriving at their final destination;
  • A 32-page prequel comic book about the crew’s life before accepting this risky mission;
  • Stickers of iconic elements from the game.

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Written by: MKAU Gaming


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