MKAU Gaming: Games Of The Year (2022) – Streamers Edition

2022 has been a successful year for the stream team at MKAU as it grows so does the quality content they provide on multiple platforms to a vast audience. With a common interest in games, pop culture, and all things nerdy we have been able to share our passions with a wider community that is passionate and thriving.

As we delve further into content creation and growing our website, here are some of our stream team’s top picks for 2022.

Feel free to check their work out and you can find the following team members below:


  • Breezy [As Dusk Falls by Interior Light]
  • Goats [Tunic by Andrew Shouldice]
  • Farquad [DYSMANTLE (Console) by 10Tons]
  • Llama [Stray by BlueTwelve Studios]
  • Vexdem [Stray by BlueTwelve Studios]


  • Breezy [Choo Choo Charles by Two Star Games]
  • Goats [Scorn by Ebb Software]
  • Farquad [Dying Light 2: Stay Human by Techland]
  • Llama [Stay Out Of The House by Puppet Combo]
  • Vexdem [Iron Lung by David Szymanski]


  • Breezy [Ghostwire Tokyo by Tango Gameworks]
  • Goats [A Plague Tale: Requiem by Asobo Studio]
  • Farquad [Evil West by Flying Wild Hog]
  • Llama [Ghostwire Tokyo by Tango Gameworks]
  • Vexdem [Stray by BlueTwelve Studios]


  • Breezy [Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II by Infinity Ward]
  • Goats [High On Life by Squanch Games Inc]
  • Farquad [Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II by Infinity Ward]
  • Llama [Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II by Infinity Ward]
  • Vexdem [Sniper Elite 5 by Rebellion]


  • Breezy [Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands by Gearbox Software]
  • Goats [Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II (DMZ Mode) by Infinity Ward]
  • Farquad [Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II by Infinity Ward]
  • Llama [Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II (DMZ Mode) by Infinity Ward]
  • Vexdem [Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands by Gearbox Studios]


  • Breezy [Disney Dreamlight Valley by Gameloft]
  • Goats [Nothing]
  • Farquad [Elden Ring by FromSoftware]
  • Llama [Horizon Forbidden West by Sony Interactive Entertainment]
  • Vexdem [Elden Ring by FromSoftware]


  • Breezy [Persona 5 Royal (Xbox) by P-Studio]
  • Goats [Nothing that stood out]
  • Farquad [Nothing that stood out.]
  • Llama [Realm Royale Reforged by Heroic Leap Games]
  • Vexdem [Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered]


  • Breezy [Viola – Bayonetta 3 by PlatinumGames]
  • Goats [The Curator – Dark Pictures Anthology Series]
  • Farquad [Valentine – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands]
  • Llama [Cat – Stray by BlueTwelve Studios]
  • Vexdem [Cat – Stray by BlueTwelve Studios]


  • Breezy [‘Forged In Fog’ Dead by Daylight by Behaviour Interactive]
  • Goats [Halo Infinite: Winter Update by 343 Industries]
  • Llama [‘Brimstone Sands’ New World by Amazon Games]
  • Farquad [Outriders: Worldslayer by People Can Fly]
  • Vexdem [‘Dragonfllight’ World Of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment]


  • Breezy [Microsoft acquiring Activision]
  • Goats [High On Life by Squanch Games inc]
  • Llama [The Cycle Frontier by Yager Development]
  • Farquad [Cult Of The Lamb by Massive Monster]
  • Vexdem [Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt after the resurgence of Cyberpunk: EdgeRunners]


  • Breezy [Overwatch 2 by Blizzard Entertainment]
  • Goats [CrossfireX by Smilegate Entertainment and Remedy Entertainment]
  • Farquad [Lack of Supply]
  • Llama [Diablo Immortal By Blizzard Entertainment]
  • Vexdem [Overwatch 2 and its lack of story mode by Blizzard Entertainment]


  • Breezy [Sony raising their prices of the PS5]
  • Goats [Anything Twitch tried to do. Take your pick]
  • Farquad [‘Drip Feeding’ supply]
  • Llama [Google Stadia shutdown]
  • Vexdem [Development Studios making promises of features that are missing on release]


  • Breezy [Swaggersouls (Twitch)]
  • Goats [Mr Beast (Youtube)]
  • Farquad [Charles Berthoud (Youtube)]
  • Llama [AlphaAnton (Twitch)]
  • Vexdem [Stonemountain64 (Youtube and Twitch)]


  • Breezy [Pokemon Legends: Arceus by Game Freak]
  • Goats [A Plague Tale: Requiem by Asobo Studio]
  • Farquad [God Of War: Ragnarok by Sony Santa Monica]
  • Llama [Elden Ring by FromSoftware]
  • Vexdem [Stray by BlueTwelve Studios]

Written by: Stacey


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