MKAU Interviews: KartRider: Drift Development Team

Thanks to our good friends over at Double Jump Communications, we had the pleasure of interviewing the Development Team behind KartRider: Drift.

  1. Since its first release in 2004, how has KartRider evolved with its gameplay to what it is today?

    Since its first release, KartRider has grown to become the only kart racing game in esports. The speed of the game and the splendid performance by players has helped grow the KartRider League in Korea and we hope to continue to grow the passion for the game beyond Asia.

  2. With the game being released PC and Xbox and with cross-play going to be a huge element with its release, are you excited about the increase of your played base, and was incorporating PC and Console the intention when first developing KartRider: Drift?

    We’re excited for fans both old and new to experience KartRider: Drift and see the ways they play and enjoy the game. Cross-play was always an intention when developing the game as we feel this gives players the greatest chance to experience the game with their friends and other players of a similar skill.

  3. What gameplay elements that would really stand out for someone new to the game that you are excited about?

    Speed Mode is a highly competitive mode within the game that prepares players for the art and skill of drifting. Drifting is very exciting for players who want to show off their skills. For the more casual player, customisation of their character would be something we’re excited for them to experience.

  4. And do you have any tips for new players?

    Try all the different modes and look for shortcuts! While KartRider: Drift offers the fun of competitive kart racing, it gives players the option to try different modes depending on their preference. There will be Speed Mode, Time Attack Mode, and Item Mode. Speed Mode is covered above but Item Mode is perfect for new players looking to familiarize themselves with the controls and how the game works. Shortcuts can also help cut seconds to help players take the win.

  5. What do you have in store for the first line of content for its cross platform release?

    At the moment, we’ve got a wide breadth of content lined up, including constantly evolving seasonal updates.

  6. Kart Rider originally started on the PC, now with evolution to console; do you think that it adds an extra layer of gameplay playing on the console?

    On console, game-play experience is heightened through the vibration on the controller. Players who play on the latest console, can also experience ultimate immersive gameplay through True 4K, HDR, Space Audio, and more.

  7. With its eSports element of KartRider: Drift, are there any plans on international tournaments anytime soon?

    We obviously see the potential for an esports scene around KartRider: Drift, however part of why the scene around KartRider in Korea is so successful is that it grew organically around the game. In our opinion, successful scenes only develop in this way. As such, we’ll support any esports growth around the game, there will be ranked matches for example, but we aren’t looking to try and artificially build any esports scene around this new game.

  8. With its huge customisable aspect to the game are we expected to see a few customisable options from the original KartRider to make an appearance?

    Absolutely! Racers will be able to customize franchise favorites includingDao, Bazzi and Brodi with a variety of skins that they may have already seen through trailers and the Closed Beta. Of course there will also be more surprises as we get closer to launch.

  9. And continuing on with the customisation, will we be seeing any recognizable options from any familiar franchises or game?

    There’s a couple of easter eggs that you can find in the trailer. For example, Pink Bean, the popular boss from the popular MapleStory franchise will be a playable character coming down the pipeline so please stay tuned for many more surprises as we are developing more content.

  10. The drifting in the game looks amazing and fun. Do you think the drifting aspect of the game is that separated KartRider: Drift from other kart games or is there another aspect that you think also brings a unique quality?

    KartRider: Drift touts many different customization tools as well as the intense competitive drifting available in Speed mode. For instance, Speed mode strips away the RNG item system and focuses on the essence of KartRider: Drift – skill-based racing. While KartRider: Drift offers the fun of competitive kart racing, it gives players the option to try different modes depending on their preference.

Thanks again to the Development Team over at Nexon for the oppotunity. If anyone would like to find out more about KartRider: Drift, please head over to their website here:


Written by: MKAU Gaming

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