MKAU Interviews: SMG Studio (Moving Out) – Game Of The Year Winner – 2020 Australian Game Developer Awards

The other week, MKAU got to sit down with SMG Studio, the Winners of Game Of The Year for Moving Out at the 2020 Australian Game Developer Awards.

Here’s how it all went down.

  1. What gameplay elements that would really stand out for someone new to Moving Out that you are excited about?
    A1: For me personally it’s being able to play a game with the family and everyone can have fun. So if the younger kids are just causing chaos it’s OK you can still work around them. We even added settings to make the game more accessible so increased timers, less danger, stronger movers. So no matter what your ability you can enjoy the game.If you really want a challenge and go for the Platinum times you really have to “solve” how the level can be optimized. So there’s some good depth there as there’s no single “right” way to do something it’s up to players to be creative. I’ve seen people put a couch in one spot to allow them to make a jump they wouldn’t have been able to before to get a better time. I love that emergent gameplay that comes from these “sandbox” style environments.
  2. Who made the choice to create a game based on the most unpleasant job in the world?
    A2: I think the humor from taking a relatable and mundane thing and twisting it is where we find the most fun.
  3. How did you manage to make something unpleasant into something enjoyable?
    A3: Everyone knows how to move “take items to truck” so didn’t have to explain the premise at all just “go for it any way you like”By not adding points and focusing purely on time it means players can explore fun and exciting ways to do the task. If you lost points for breaking things then you’d play it super safe and it wouldn’t be as fun. No rules are the best rules.
  4. Will Moving Out be cross-platform?
    A4: It’s released on all platforms but it’s local play only. PS4 Users can play against a friend with Share Play and Steam users can play using Remote Play Together but only against the same platform.
  5. What game modes are available?
    A5: We have Story Mode, which is 30 levels taking you around Packmore and beyond. You may even encounter a giant robot in space! We have Arcade – these are tricky levels where the designers were told they can do anything they want. And we have VHS Memories, these are some of the Smooth Moves’ greatest moves in history presented as playable levels.
  6. Is more DLC expected to be released for Moving Out?
    A6: We haven’t announced plans yet but our team is still pretty busy working away…
  7. I love the 80s-inspired theme of the game, where did the inspiration come from?
    A7: It’s the most fun decade and we wanted to tap into the innocence of 1980s cartoons. The story itself is like a Scooby-Doo mystery to solve and in the end, we don’t want you to overthink what happens but just roll with it, like in the cartoons 😊
  8. What would be the best technique to help a friend move house? Any tips?
    A8: Always lift with the spine. It’s the strongest muscle. Never help friends with nice stuff move. (Simple check is if they use coasters or a table cloth, they have nice stuff.) PIVOT!

Again, huge congratulations on winning Game Of The Year. Be sure to check out Moving Out HERE, and check out their latest trailer below.

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Written by: Simon Hayward


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