Oz Comic-Con Returns To Brisbane & Sydney In September – Announces The First Guests Joining The Epic Lineup

Signalling the end to another huge year of events, Oz Comic-Con returns to Brisbane and Sydney this September before moving on to Melbourne for one last festive hurrah in December. Showcasing the wide world of pop culture, Brisbanians will be able to revel in the festivities at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) on September 16th and 17th, followed by Sydneysiders on September 23rd and 24th at Sydney Showground.

Returning to Australian shores for the second time this year, Emily Swallow (The Armourer from The Mandalorian) is amongst the first wave of guest announcements, joined by Wynonna Earp favourites Katherine Barrell and Michael Eklund, with Tim Rozon joining them in Sydney. The excitement doesn’t stop there as a growing list of homegrown and international talent is set for announcement in the coming weeks.

For cosplay enthusiasts, Oz Comic-Con will also be hosting one of the most prestigious cosplay contests in Australia, the Australian Championships of Cosplay, highlighting the immense talent and craftsmanship from all around the country.

Not to forget the staple elements of the show, visitors will be able to visit Artist Alley and Cosplay Central, try their hand at tabletop gaming, and meet some of the country’s top comic artists and authors from some of the most esteemed franchises in the world.

With a show floor and schedule currently in the final stages of fine-tuning, attendees can expect a full weekend bursting with flavour including industry talks and panels, freeplay gaming opportunities, workshops, and lashings of retail opportunities with exclusive pop culture merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else.

For more information and to purchase tickets, go to https://ozcomiccon.com/

Event Details

Oz Comic-Con Brisbane

Oz Comic-Con Sydney

Oz Comic-Con Event Features:

As you weave your way through the show floor of Oz Comic-Con, keep your eyes peeled for activations from film and television, exclusive merchandise, and interactive opportunities that are only possible in a convention setting.

Below are a few highlights, or a bucket list if you wish, for Oz Comic-Con.


  • Main Stage

The Main Stage is where you go to catch the Q&A panels with our Film & Television and Comic & Author guests and to catch the Cozplay Competition, Australian Championship of Cosplay and Cosplay Skit Competitions!

  • Community & Workshop Stage

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more passionate, engaged and thoughtful group than the fans that converge on Oz Comic-Con for each event. The community showcase is hosted at the Community & Workshop Stage. These Panels are a great way to tell or teach like-minded people about a topic you
are passionate about. Panels can be Q&A style, a moderated affair, interactive or a story journey. Within this space, we can cater to many different topics including cosplay, drawing, crafts, photography, editing and more.

  • Anime, Gaming & Trivia Stage

The Anime, Gaming & Trivia Stage, where your inner (or outer) Otaku, Gamer and your Pop Culture Trivia knowledge come together in a giant (metaphorical) melting pot of fandoms.
The centre of the show floor for Anime content, this stage will host Anime screenings, panels, cosplay, gaming panels and demonstrations and trivia, along with broader themed Pop Culture Trivia events.

  • Music & Entertainment Stage

Look no further than the Music and Entertainment Stage, the perfect venue for live pop culture performances featuring dancing, singing, and maybe even a lip sync competition (or two)!

  • Lip Sync Battles

It’s time to LIP SYNC FOR YOUR….eternal bragging rights!

Can’t sing but can absolutely nail the silent solo? Watched every season of Ru Paul and want to live out your lip-syncing fantasies live on stage? Do you miss Dubsmash? Then this is the competition for you!

Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney, we will be running Lip Sync Battles Sunday. Limited registration spots are available, so be sure to register asap! You can enter as an individual or as a group! Register or read more here: https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-music-entertainment-stage/


  • Artist Alley

A space to celebrate art in pop culture, Artist Alley is a colourful, creative district filled with original and fan art. Take the opportunity to interact with the creative geniuses behind your favourite comic books, graphic novels, literature, and artistic projects – a truly unique and authentic way to get to know local talent as they make waves in the global scene.

It’s in Artist Alley that you can purchase a unique commission, designed and drawn just for you or shop for prints and artistic creations such as novels, jewellery, clothing, and homewares. No matter what you like, you’ll find a creator suited to your interests, whether it be superheroes, manga, sci-fi, fantasy, horror or indie.

  • Comics Lounge

The Oz Comic-Con Comics Lounge supported by Kings Comics is a great spot to take a break from the busy show floor, pull up a beanbag and have a read through of some of our extensive comics and manga library.

Pick out something new to try, flick through an old favourite, discuss your favourite titles with other fans in the space.

Also happening in the Comics Lounge will be a range of industry panels and discussions with some of Australia’s top comic artists, writers and publishers. Meet your favourite artists, chat with other fans, discuss your favourite titles, check out new titles on offer and learn more about comics.

Ever wanted to learn what goes into creating your very own comic? Would you like to learn from an industry professional? LOOK NO FURTHER! We’ve got a range of workshops in every city to cater to your creative desires for both kids and adults. Check back closer to the day to see the full schedule of events!


  • Cosplay Central

Cosplay Central is the meeting place and undeniably the unmissable destination for all cosplayers and cosplay fans at Oz Comic-Con. Meet local cosplay talent for tips and tricks, grab your mates for the perfect photo op in front of cosplay sets and get your photo snapped by local cosplay photographers.

  • Cosplay Parades

Oz Comic-Con hosts a variety of Cosplay offerings at the event for different skill levels.The Cosplay Parade is a great event showcasing the talent of cosplayers at Oz Comic-Con! It gives everyone the chance to get up on stage and strut their stuff without the stress of competing.

  • Cozplay Competition

For those not quite ready for the Championship of Cosplay but a step above the Cosplay Parade. The Cozplay Competition is the competition for mainstream competitors. This event is perfect for you to showcase your crafting, needlework or armour build talents. Entry into the Cozplay Competition is by application ahead of the show, so if this is something you’re interested in being sure to check out the applications here: https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-cosplay-competitions-parades/

  • Kids Cosplay Parade

The kid’s cosplay parade is a great way for our littlest cosplayers to get into the cosplay spirit! Kids can go on stage either on their own, in a group, or, for those who are either too little or too shy, with a guardian.

  • Cosplay Photographers

Coming to Oz Comic-Con in cosplay? Local cosplay photographers will be present, ready to take your photo in Cosplay Central. The best part? All photo sessions are complimentary!

The District

  • Cosplay Meetups

If you’re dressed for the occasion (or even if you’re not!) be sure to head on over to The District area and meet some like-minded fans in awesome cosplay! Take a group cosplay picture in front of our awesome photo wall to immortalise the occasion! If you want to vote for the cosplay group you would like to see a meet-up for you can make your voice heard here: https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-the-district/

  • Oz Comic-Con Drawing Competition

If you fancy yourself an up-and-coming artist, head over to The District to take part in our official Oz Comic-Con Drawing Competition. There are awesome prizes to be won. Entries are open all weekend until 3 pm Sunday. You can draw in any medium you like, pencil, markers etc. As long as it’s drawn on an official competition entry sheet at the show you can enter! You are welcome to bring your own drawing supplies with you to the show, but we will have drawing supplies available to use.
There are several prizes to be won. There’s even a kids category for our littlest artists!

  • Scribble Wall

Our epic scribble wall returns to The District for 2023. For all you colouring addicts out there, it’s time for you to scratch that itch to leave your mark!

  • CommUnity Space

Welcome to the Oz Comic-Con CommUnity Space. A safe and inclusive haven for members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community at the show.

The CommUnity Space is designed to be a place where attendees can come together to socialize and celebrate their love for all things queer pop culture. We provide a welcoming atmosphere where you can engage in activities, discussions and meetups that centre around queer representation and diversity in pop culture. Read more about the space and what’s on here: https://ozcomiccon.com/comm-unity-space/


  • Gaming Zone and Esports Tournaments

Australian Esports League (AEL) joins forces with Oz Comic-Con bringing their free play gaming zone and esports tournaments to each show. AEL recognises the importance of building ‘grassroots’ esports, delivering a gaming experience like no other to the broader gaming community.

The gaming zone will showcase the latest games and products, with an opportunity for attendees to battle it out against their mates and other attendees. https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-console-tabletop-gaming/

  • Retro Gaming Lounge

From NES to N64, Sega Mega Drive to Play Station 1, Iconic Nerd will be kickin’ it old school with a mix of retro gaming consoles at Oz Comic-Con! Be sure to stop by the Retro Gaming Lounge to try your hand at an old classic and enjoy the nostalgia, or introduce it to your offspring for the very first time! https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-console-tabletop-gaming/

  • VR Playground

Time to get immersive in the VR playground at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney. The all new activation will have a range of VR games to get your blood pumping this weekend.
Cut your way through the best beats in Beat Saber! Can you survive the night at Freddy’s? The playground has it all in VR! https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-console-tabletop-gaming/

  • Tabletop Gaming Library

Not one for console games? No problem! We got you covered with a library of tabletop games to satisfy your needs. Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Catan. Heard of those? Maybe you like Zombie Dice, Small World, or Red Dragon Inn? Well, this year Oz Comic-Con is giving you access to all of these games, and more! We’ll be using our tabletop resources to bring you a two-day gaming extravaganza.

Get along to the Tabletop Gaming Zone featuring a library of over 40 different games you can play. https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-console-tabletop-gaming/

  • Local TTRPG Groups – Learn to Play

From Pathfinder to D&D,, if you’re looking to play some TTRPG’s at Oz Comic-Con, we have you covered! Local groups will be on hand to guide you through one shot campaigns across the weekend. Whether you are a seasoned player, or this is your first time, you are welcome to participate. Characters will be generated by DMs so players are all on the same level (1 to 5).

Campaigns will be taking place during Oz Comic-Con each day! https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-console-tabletop-gaming/

  • Just Dance Stage

So you think you can Just Dance? Well, you’ll be able to show everyone your moves at the Just Dance stage. Open for free play all weekend. Play as a group, or individually, the party at Oz Comic-Con starts here. https://ozcomiccon.com/occ-console-tabletop-gaming/

  • Dr Pickles Tattoo Alley

Feeling Brave? Would you trust a stranger to pick your next tattoo?

Would you put your arm into a mystery hole, where the end result is a tattoo?
After a whirlwind, sell-out Mystery Tattoo tour at the Australian Tattoo Expo and Sexpo, Dr Pickles is now inviting Oz Comic-Con Patrons to try their unique Tattoo Mystery Hole experience!

Written by: MKAU Gaming


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