Dicefolk (Steam) – Review

Welcome to the world of ‘Dicefolk’, where dice rolling is the key to success. This fantastic game was developed by LEAP Game Studios and Tiny Ghoul and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. Let the rolls guide your path. With humanity on the verge of destruction due to the evil sorcerer,


Solium Infernum (Steam) – Review

Venture with me to the depths of Hell as we strive to conquer the desolate landscape and rule the underworld with blood, cruelty, and schemes. ‘Solium Infernum’ is a turn-based, grand strategy game, developed and produced by League of Geeks, a Melbourne-based game company, and also the creator of a

UNITED 1944 (Steam) – Preview

The Spanish development team, Norarama, is back with another title, but unlike their others, UNITED 1944 is based on WWII, and it combines weapon crafting, base building, and team strategy. As it stands, there are currently two playable game modes; Domination and Survival. Domination is a 16 vs 16 urban


Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash (Steam) – Review

With the success of Jujutsu Kaisen, an anime that made its premiere in 2020 before spawning a prequel film, a second season, and the announcement of a third, comes the highly anticipated release of Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash, a 2v2 action-brawler. Collaboratively developed by studios Byking and Gemdrop, and being


Mines And Magic (Steam) – Review

Mines and Magic is a tower defence auto-battler with a resource economy-focused game style. It was developed and produced by Zolden Games and initially released in 2018, but before that, it was a game mode in Starcraft II. Apparently. I never played it. Mines and Magic is currently in early


BMX Gravel (Steam) – Review

Imaginings Software is on the scene with its first PC release, ‘BMX Gravel’. BMW Gravel is a side-scrolling, psychics-based, obstacle course game where you need to ride your BMX bike through 5 stages and make sure you don’t run out of lives stacking it or you will be starting from

Pepper Grinder (DEMO) – Preview

Pepper Grinder is a game about drilling, but it isn’t a mining game or a sim; it’s 2D Side-Scrolling Platforming at its best. I had the chance to revisit the island after my previous outing in August 2023 of the upcoming title from Ahr Ech and publisher Devolver Digital, which


Farsiders (Steam) – Review

Farsiders, developed and published by Thai studio Gambitghost Games, is a hack-and-slash top-down RPG. Available on all platforms, this indie title was created on the Unity Engine on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign and initially released in February 2023. Set in 2060 in a world that has been


Your Journey Of Survival (Steam) – Review

The Colorado-based, development team, Smartly Gophered Games, is back with another title a little different from their previous titles which were based around vehicles. Their latest title “Your Journey of Survival” is an open-world survival game set in the year 2400 where you awaken with nothing but the view of


Computer Repair Shop (Steam) – Review

Sometimes when I go into a game with certain expectations of what it is going to be like, I’m left so completely dumbfounded by the absolute journey the title has put me through when I put it down for the first time. “Computer Repair Shop,” developed and published by Turkish


Phantom Abyss (Steam) – Review

I never considered a cursed temple filled with traps an excellent place to find oneself. Phantom Abyss proves that despite this, exploring trap-filled chambers makes for a pretty good video game. Team WIBY and the champs at Devolver Digital set a platforming challenge that takes relic hunting to the next


LASERS (Steam) – Review

Have you ever wanted to throw your monitor across the room? Well, fear not; LASERS has you covered. This Title was Developed and published by Straight Back Games. Now let us get into it, and Dodge some lasers. Usually, I would now start talking about the plot. Still, the game


Unstoppable (Steam) – Review

Seoul-based development team Funnylocks Corp has created the next adrenaline-pumping horror adventure game where you have one job and that is to escape Schindler Tower. You need to fight your way through the hordes of infected workers and use whatever you can get your hands on to survive, and not


Tribe: Primitive Builder (Steam) – Review

Colony-building simulators are one of my favourite genres in gaming, especially when they allow you to put your little guys to work. Tribe: Primitive Builder, an indie title, is a perfect example of the unnecessary need for a big studio budget to make something incredible. A collaborative effort by three


Crossroad OS (Steam) – Review

Crossroads OS is a first-person exploration puzzle solver game developed by Guy and Daisy Games two different entities; Daisy Games also published Crossroads OS. This game is staged as you the player are using a computer solving some puzzles when suddenly, the computer glitches and three of what appear to


Dungeons Of Sundaria (Steam) – Review

Will you become a hero or a legend? That is the big question when you jump into this dungeon-clearing, RPG looter. Developed by Industry Games, ‘Dungeons of Sundaria’ can be played singularly or in a co-op of up to 4, even allowing for split screen in local play. An impressive

Exilium (DEMO) – Preview

Exilium is a point-and-click puzzle side-scroller developed and produced by You play as the emotionally and physically exhausted exorcist, Adam Wayne. As this is the demo and the full game will not be out until next year, I won’t spoil anything, but I’ll try to explain the premise. You


STUFFED (Steam) – Review

We all had nightmares as young children, and finding protection in words, people, or an inanimate object is what would help us through the night. Coming from a family of six brothers and one sister, sleeping right through the night was quite the task my parents would have to undertake,


Silence Channel 2 (Steam) – Review

Developed and published by Lexip Games, Silence Channel 2 is based on true stories, and it will have you unlocking different episodes as you solve various puzzles and hide from unknown enemies while searching for items, but sometimes running and hiding isn’t an option. You’ll have to attack the strange


Rallyallyally (Steam) – Review

Scotland-based indie developer, Hairy Heart Games, claims to make hairy games for hairy people, and this hairy reviewer is excited to see where ‘Rallyallyally’ takes them. Rallyallyally is a knock-out style party game with no real underlying plot however it allows up to 8 players to battle it out to


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