South Australia Developer Mini Mammoth Games Releasing Critter Capture

Homegrown developer Mini Mammoth Games is releasing their first game in February, 2021. Critter Capture is a delightful mobile experience about catching cute little insects; without the need to ever actually touch them. It will be available on Android and iOS, and is the first of many projects Mini Mammoth Games is releasing as part of its first year fully in operation. Critter Capture starts the year off strong as Mini Mammoth Games moves to create regular, high quality releases.

Mini Mammoth Games created Critter Capture as one of three initial projects they launched into Early Access for their small studio last year. One of the lead developers on the project, Camryn Schriever had this to say about where the concept originated. “I really enjoy games with interesting creature catching mechanics, and wanted to create that feeling of capturing and holding your own cute little critters from within your mobile. Really I suggested making this game for me, but you’re welcome to enjoy it too!” As a collective, Mini Mammoth Games is incredibly proud of this new game and of the work everyone has put in to bring it into the world.

Critter Capture is a captivating experience focused on capturing cute insects by circling them. If the critters bump into your net, they will damage it with too many hits resulting in a game over. Critter Capture releases with 4 unique critters, 30 challenging levels and an endless mode for continuous play. As bug hunters collect cute critters they can display them in their own terrarium along with fancy decorations. Players can place and swap decorations and critters to their heart’s content, and customise the look their way. When they are done they can share and show off their glorious little terrarium with their friends on social media. Critter Capture releases on February 24th.

The cute little critters are waiting for you, find them from Mini Mammoth Games home page:


Written by: MKAU Gaming


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