Star Wars: The Old Republic New Operation, Daily Area & more Now Live

BioWare has officially launched Star Wars: The Old Republic’s game update 7.1 “Digging Deeper” which introduces the new high-level Operation, the R-4 Anomaly, as well as the Manaan Daily Area. The update also brings new Tacticals, and improved player experience changes to the user interface with all-new customization options.

With Game Update 7.1 “Digging Deeper,” players return to Elom to unearth new clues about Darth Malgus’s mysterious plans. This update also brings a new Operation–the R-4 Anomaly–as well as the Manaan Daily Area and new Tactical. Alongside the new content, we’ve improved the player’s experience with changes made to the User Interface, including additional customization options. Read below for more details! 

Story Update: Digging Deeper

Discover new secrets about the motivation behind Darth Malgus’s mysterious plans and learn the fate of Sa’har Kateen, the Jedi Padawan Malgus dueled in the ancient ruins of Elom.   

R-4 Anomaly Operation

In this new 8-player Operation, players take on an obscure Sith cult set on harvesting technology from an ancient weapon of terrifying power. This new operation is available in Story Mode and Veteran Mode to all characters at level 80. Look for it in the Activity Finder window! 

The following can be obtained from this Operation:   

  • Virulent Armor Sets
  • Hazardous Armor Sets
  • Bosses and R-4 Anomaly Operation Decorations
  • Item Rating 340 gear in Veteran Mode 

Manaan Daily Area

Travel to Manaan for two new, faction-based storylines and repeatable Missions. To access these Missions, characters must have completed the Onslaught and Legacy of the Sith expansions. Manaan Daily Area Missions will be available on the Daily Missions Terminal on Manaan or in the Activity Finder window.  

Like other Daily Areas, Manaan will offer several new rewards. To earn them you’ll need to reach the appropriate reputation rank with your respective faction by completing Daily and Weekly Missions. Each faction has a vendor in its base who sells items, including: 

  • Firaxan Weapon Sets 
  • Manaan Defender and Nightlight Armor Sets 
  • Cerulean Turtle Minipet 
  • Manaan-inspired Stronghold Decorations 

Four new Tacticals

With this new update, new Tacticals are now available at the vendors in the Supplies section of each Fleet:  

  • Bodyguard Mercenary / Combat Medic Commando: Kolto Vapors 
  • Carnage Marauder / Combat Sentinel: Shard of Mortis 
  • Arsenal Mercenary / Gunnery Commando: Gyroscopic Stabilizers
  • Innovative Ordnance Mercenary / Assault Specialist Commando: Magnetic Resonance 

More information in this forum post: 7.1 Balance Changes and Plan. 

Power Increase

New Items Ratings of gear have been added to Upgrade Vendors on the Fleet. Players can now upgrade to Item Rating 330 by completing Conquests, Flashpoints, and Legacy Operations.  

Improved Player Experience

In addition to the new content listed above, this update also includes Class balance changes, improvements to the Character window, and customizable subtitles and Combat Styles Icon Color Selection Wheel. 

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife 2022

The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event is back from August 2nd at 12:00 PM UTC until September 13th at 12:00 PM UTC. For this new edition, we’re introducing new rewards inspired by last year’s High Roller Shades and more! Check these out here. 

Log in to the game now to experience the new content and changes. A SWTOR subscription is required to access some content.  


Written by: MKAU Gaming


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